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Clothing details that incredibly transform your usual look into stunning fashion

5 Adidas clothing items every fashionista must have

A collection of essential clothing items from Adidas that must be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. The editorial focuses on the summer - fall season.

The best combinations of shirts and pants for an elegant look

Men's business-casual trends for the fall season

Latest trends in men's elegant business casual outfits for stylish men for the end of this season. The most famous Instagram bloggers showcase their best images

Simple and smart ideas for decorating your balcony like a green garden

15 ways to turn your small balcony space into a blooming oasis

You have long wanted to turn your balcony into a blooming garden but did not know how? Now you can easily do it by following our tips in this article.

What to wear at the end of this summer? Sundresses are perfect for all occasions

Staying ahead of trends. Wearing long summer dresses

A collection of the most fashionable women's summer dresses to be at the top of this year's fashion trends. Long white sundresses, with a floral print or polka dots - choose your best.

Take a break. Coffee, whiskey and a cigar are all you need for exquisite time

Men's expensive habits worthy of a luxurious lifestyle

The lifestyle of a true gentleman is not only business meetings, but sometimes relaxation in good company with an expensive cigar and a glass of aged whiskey. Trying on the expensive habits of success

A portion of inspiration from the most beautiful tattoo designs for chest, back, arms and face

22 trendy badass tattoo ideas for men. What kind suits you best?

A unique selection of the coolest and most incredibly beautiful tattoos for men. Stunning designs for chest, back, arms and face will inspire the most discerning.

Fashionable and comfortable accessory to complete your luxurious look

More than stylish sun protection. Choosing a hat for summer

There are many details to consider when choosing a hat for your new summer look. We've collected 18 great ideas for your sunny inspiration.

Resort beach attire for men. Essential style tips for a casual and evening look

Shorts are a hit of the summer men's wardrobe, how to wear them and what to combine with to look stylish. We have compiled the ultimate guide for men who follow trends.

Proper nutrition is the basis for well-being and excellent health

14 delicious and healthy detox smoothie shakes for weight loss

When you devote a lot of time to training, you shouldn't forget about rest and recovery. And at this time, proper nutrition will be the most important.

Let's talk again about the benefits of outdoor sports

Why do you really need a street workout

The most important reasons for outdoor sports. We look at the health and wellness benefits and analyze each aspect in detail.


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