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Take a break. Coffee, whiskey and a cigar are all you need for exquisite time

Men's expensive habits worthy of a luxurious lifestyle

The lifestyle of a true gentleman is not only business meetings, but sometimes relaxation in good company with an expensive cigar and a glass of aged whiskey. Trying on the expensive habits of success

Men's style is not only an ideal look, but also a man's habit. And one of them is rooted in the times of popularity of male clubs. At a time when elegant manners were valued, and the status was determined by the cost of a cigar.We decided to step back for a moment to those, of course, memorable times to enjoy the chic and elegance of the masculine style, which has kept its relevance to this day.

A special feature of the male lifestyle

The refinement of the masculine style is determined not only by its external style, but also by its habits. The habits, sometimes, emphasize our status in society.

The luxurious world of exquisite pleasures. Aged alcohol and elite cigars.

Expensive cigars and refined alcohol as essential attributes of a luxurious life

When you are successful and your whole life is full of luxury, there is certainly a place for expensive hobbies such as elite cigars and aged alcohol.

A classic luxury car can be innovative and striking at a glance

Incredible beauty redesign of the legendary Rolls-Royce coupe in a modern way

Redesign of a luxury car Rolls Royce coupe from the talented artist Ivan Venkov. The classic style is preserved, but diluted with modern trends, turning the new look into a masterpiece.

Superbly executed interior elements that you never tire of admiring

The triumph of refined and sophisticated style, a work of art exclusively for the luxury interior

A masterfully executed ashtray from a hand-crafted piece of crystal and a shiny black metal surface will be the decoration of any expensive gentlemen's club, 5-star hotel or yacht.

Winter holidays has passed and we had a lot of fun, and how did you spend Christmas and New Year

The festive mood is always better in good company and with a good drink

Christmas and New Year are wonderful winter holidays that must be spent with family and friends. And of course in a good setting. Here's a selection of awesome short videos on a holiday theme.

A small digression to rare male weaknesses

Some men's passions when they need to relax. Whiskey, cigars and girls

Three main men's weaknesses: whiskey, cigars and girls. Who can resist when the barman pours expensive alcohol and a chic girl sits nearby and waiting for interesting evening

Expensive cars like expensive toys, you always want a new one

Quick look at the best luxury sports cars of the outgoing year

Luxury car is like the most cherished dream, you dream to acquire it all your life. All you need to do is to make your dreams your goals. And if you'll be lucky your dreams come true.

A moment of admiration especially for lovers of the Italian luxury car brand

The unstoppable power and perfection of lines in the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The perfect combination of interior and exterior design. Impressive power under the hood. Expensive finish and plenty of carbon. Gold versus white colours Lamborghini.

Excited time with Aaron Bullock and the Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin 2018 Arizona

August 2018. The wonderful opportunity to look on the new Aston Martin Vantage. This particular model was the first one in Arizona, received by Scottsdale Aston Martin, and served as a demo car for th


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