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Staying at home should be enjoyable despite the weather outside

How to design your sweet cozy home corner. Pink magnificence

We help to arrange a cute and cozy corner for doing what you love at home. A few ideas for a home office. Unrivaled women's wardrobe.

Exquisite selection of gifts for the miraculous Resurrection sunday celebration

Easter fever. Choosing a perfect gift for the Easter celebration

Looking for an Easter present for your loved one? Stop tormenting yourself, I've already done everything for you. Just go in and buy it by the link. Trust me, the effect will not disappoint you.

“The Art of the Sea is really everything that is so inspiring, so mesmerising, when you look, when you dive down into the sea you really find the most beautiful objects, the most beautiful part of nature”Packed with some of the world's most impressive one-of-a-kind high jewelry, the launch of the Tiffany Blue Book 2015 is an occasion to be savoured.This year, the anticipation was even higher as it marks the first Tiffany high jewelry collection under new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof. E

Tiffany Blue Book Collection: The Art of the Sea

Incredible jewelry collection from Tiffany. And the name very accurately describes the mood of the entire collection. Amazing and memorable pieces of art.

You should think about buying a gift in advance otherwise you can screw up at the last moment

8 best gifts for her on Valentine's Day, which she will definitely be glad

Ideas for the best and affordable gifts for women on Valentine's Day. Unusual gifts from which every girl will be delighted. From underwear and sweets to a variety of jewelry and accessories.

Without this, your winter rest will be incomplete or totally missed

8 things you have to do on this winter holidays

Christmas and New Year is a great occasion to complete all unfinished business and give yourself a well-deserved rest. Here are 8 the most important things you should do in time for these winter holid

Not just a great photo shoot of a beautiful girl in lingerie

Graceful Zhanna with a stunning body poses in a photo shoot for Konstantin Kryukovskiy

Gorgeous photoshoot of beautiful Zhanna. Graceful and seductive poses of a delightful girl in white sexy lingerie.Real pleasure for aesthetes.

Time to believe that the most secret dreams definitely will come true

Christmas and New Year are holidays when we wait for miracles

Waiting for the holiday, with a cup of warm drink, clenching our fists tightly, we look hopefully into the future. Suddenly it will bring us something beautiful what are we waiting for.

When you drive for a long time, sometimes you need to stop.

Short stop on the road

Incredibly beautiful photoshoot created with exquisite black and white style. Special style and light erotic mood from Vicky Drachmann.

The wind is blowing from the west. Catch it with Maxim Soldado

West with Emilie Corino

A captivating photo session in the style of the Wild West accurately conveys the mood and spirit of freedom. The incredibly beautiful model Emilie Corino perfectly complements the plot.

Outstanding erotic photoshoot from Stepan Kvadrakov

Beautiful Angelica for ArtofCKphoto

Erotic photoshoot of sexy model Angelica with Russian photographer Stepan Kvadrakov. Bright colors, seductive poses, lovely curves - all components for a successful frame.


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