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One of the easiest ways to meet a girl

Do not miss the great opportunity to meet a girl on Valentine's Day

Maybe you dream to meet a girl or looking for a reason to say about your feelings? The upcoming Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to do this. Do not miss your chance.

You should think about buying a gift in advance otherwise you can screw up at the last moment

8 best gifts for her on Valentine's Day, which she will definitely be glad

Ideas for the best and affordable gifts for women on Valentine's Day. Unusual gifts from which every girl will be delighted. From underwear and sweets to a variety of jewelry and accessories.

Without this, your winter rest will be incomplete or totally missed

8 things you have to do on this winter holidays

Christmas and New Year is a great occasion to complete all unfinished business and give yourself a well-deserved rest. Here are 8 the most important things you should do in time for these winter holid

Time to believe that the most secret dreams definitely will come true

Christmas and New Year are holidays when we wait for miracles

Waiting for the holiday, with a cup of warm drink, clenching our fists tightly, we look hopefully into the future. Suddenly it will bring us something beautiful what are we waiting for.

Easy and exciting adventure in the desert landscape

One day in the savanna

Incredibly stylish and fashionable summer women's images, relevant for both urban everyday life and for country holidays. Delicate pastel colors, designer cut and bold decisions in one photo shoot.

The moment when resistance is useless

In a fit of passion

A talented expression of passion that captures and enthralls. Andreas Ortner did the impossible - he combined bright feelings and deep meaning in one frame.

Gorgeous Irina Shayk for Evening Standard Magazine by Ellen von Unwerth

Time for beauty

Fascinating and sexy, intriguing and magical photo shoot of the charming model Irina Shayk. Summer, sea, sunny mood, everything that is needed in anticipation of such a long-awaited beach season.

Do not deny your nature, you should take it

Sometimes you should let the wildness out

Wild and unstoppable photoshoot of David Roemer. A mood that reflects our wild nature. Unity with nature. The opportunity to feel part of the larger. Let go your wild temper.

Sometimes you just want to quit and leave

The air of freedom

This gap. Breath of life and travel. Thirst for adventure. Life without tomorrow in the photo shoot of Steven Lippman. Desert landscapes, mountains and the road.

Steven Lippman with May Andersen for Malibu magazine

Steven Lippman for Malibu Magazine

Really masterpieces of photography from the recognized master of photography Stephen Lippman. Perhaps one of his best works in cooperation with the model of May Andersen for the Malibu magazine.


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