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Proper nutrition is the basis for well-being and excellent health

14 delicious and healthy detox smoothie shakes for weight loss

When you devote a lot of time to training, you shouldn't forget about rest and recovery. And at this time, proper nutrition will be the most important.

Let's talk again about the benefits of outdoor sports

Why do you really need a street workout

The most important reasons for outdoor sports. We look at the health and wellness benefits and analyze each aspect in detail.

6 reasons why it’s not possible to live without movement

Just what you need to live a full life

Here we condemn laziness. No one disputes the importance of a sporting lifestyle. And here you can only sympathize with those who believe the opposite.

Let's look at the latest Nike collection of sports shoes for men

What running sneakers I would buy for myself

A fresh guide on running shoes from the world leader in sportswear and shoes Nike. The 8 best running shoes I would buy for myself

Return to an active lifestyle in a new way

Lust for life on the move

Passion for running is not only a part of life, it is life itself. And just starting to run you really understand the true meaning of being.

A Day at the beach with some amazing talent

Beach Fitness Training

The best way to work out outdoors is a beach workout. The bright sun and fresh light breeze contribute to a good mood and provide an excellent result.

In tough sports, it is not necessary to be cruel

Complicated emotions in the tough sport

Complex, heavy and not always fair, but a beautiful sport, this is boxing. In a real battle, faced with a strong opponent, you will find out who you really are.

When I just started going to gym I thought only about my training program. OK, maybe about sport nutrition a bit. But after a couple of months I got a new passion - sport clothing. And it has affected my whole life. I bought running clothing, two sets of clothing for fitness and two sets for martial arts. After that I couldn’t stop - I started to buy sportswear for home, for a walk.Of course, I choose only famous brands - it’s a guarantee of good health and nice workout. But in addition to the q

Clothing that inspires

Maybe the best clothing for workout. Exclusive design and outstanding quality. My experience in choosing clothing for workout.

Perhaps you have noticed, lately everyone has just been obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and yoga in particular. And there's nothing wrong with that, I'll even say more, it's great that more and more people want to become healthier and happier. I also like yoga very much and try to find time for classes on a regular basis.In yoga, there are many directions and they all serve different purposes. I'm sure, if you wish, you can find a suitable one. The main thing is that the lessons should bring a

What is this the best place for yoga classes?

In yoga classes, it is very important to choose the right place to enjoy peace and inspiration. I recommend that you try to conduct a lesson on the beach, it's an unforgettable experience.

What can be sexier than a round and bouncy ass? That makes men lose their minds. Of course we also want to wear shorts or a swimsuit and attract attention to our sexual forms. Just diet is not enough to make perfect butt, you need fitness exercise and heavy weight lifting. Here are the best exercises for seductive and sexual ass.

Making Sexy Bubble Butt


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