Enter the spring season in your new elegant style

Choosing the look to conquer the new spring-summer season

There's not much time left until spring. But it's good time to break into the coming season with a new outfit, or preferably with a few. Despite the fact that the basis of your wardrobe is casual outfits, today I want to draw your attention on how to create an elegant and stylish outfit which suitable for every day and for special occasions.

Take a closer look at each of the images presented below, perhaps one of them become the only one special for you. Or, even better, it will push you to a cardinal changes in your whole style. So, I'll start with detailed descriptions of the main fashion trends for this spring-summer season to create your brand new or improve your existing elegant look.

Create an elegant image using old jeans

Take your time to get rid of your favorite old jeans. With their help, you can create an exquisite look even if they are a little ripped and shabby. Just use a denim shirt or jacket of the same shade, great if they will also be a bit torn. Dilute the image with large bright accessories and you will sparkle in a new way.

Playful striped look

When you want something new or unusual, you can always find a new image with the help of simple tricks. For example, use a striped print. Vertical, horizontal and skew stripes of different sizes and colors will make your new look more frivolous, but at the same time mysterious and attractive. This approach is suitable for extravagant women with a bright, cheerful character, but the rest should also try something new.

Graceful and fiery red

Those who are looking for a strict image of a fatal woman will appreciate the outfit presented below. Solid bright red suit and hat look very elegant, sexy and create the image of a woman with whom jokes are bad as with fire.

Spring coat as part of the look

It is sometimes cold in the spring, the wind blows, it rains or even snows. But this is not a reason to wrap yourself in a fur coat. Stylish elegant coat will not only warm you but also complement your new spring look. Choose playful bright shades or some stylish geometric print and even a cold spring day will sparkle with new colors.

Passionate beauty on a warm day

On the contrary, to the previous point, if it turned out to be a hot day, you can wear something light fluttering. A translucent blouse would be ideal, of course, without a bra. Allow to all men eat you with their eyes and women to envy. Let the bottom be comfortable, a skirt with buttons for the entire length, with a multi-colored print is what you need.

Refined aristocrat style

Some people like to feel at their best always. And they try to dress and look elegant every day in any occasion. But nothing prevents the others from acquiring themselves in the same new way and feeling like a little snob. A few pices of clothes with strict colors and restrained prints and you are already half a nobleman.

Gloves an indispensable detail of the look

Imagine that you have completely selected your favorite elegant look and it suits you perfectly. But all the time it seems to you that something is missing. Something small but very important. This little detail is gloves of course. Just look at how they not only complement, but improve the whole image.

Trying something completely new

If you are in the mood to try something completely new, unusual, there is an option for such a case. Just look on this superb red jacket in hussar style. The golden embroidery and buttons will bring sophistication to your incredible artsy look. It is so amazing that it doesn’t matter what you wear in addition to this jacket, everything will look great.

Classic red skin-tight dress

If you are the owner of a beautiful body, then no one can forbid you to bragging about it. And an elegant tight-fitting dress is what you need to emphasize all your advantages. A deep neckline will clearly indicate where others need to look first. Shoes for this dress should be small and discreet, let nothing distract eyes from your stunning appearance.

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The mysterious image

Spring is a time of love, dating, romantic experiences. And sometimes you want to add a little passion to your spring look. In this case, put on sexy lace underwear, wrap yourself in a raincoat and go on a date in such an outfit. To complete the look, wear elegant sandals in the color of lingerie. Believe me, your beloved will be pleasantly surprised.

A universal image for every day

What if you are looking for the usual look for every day, but some special and not like your other outfits? I suggest to pay attention on this image. Long to the heels a polka dot cape and a trouser suit are ideally combined. Such an outfit looks elegant and is suitable for almost any occasion.

Superb white suit

If suddenly, you have planned a vacation for this spring-summer season, then it will not be superfluous to purchase such a white suit with a wide white hat. This outfit of a traveler is very elegant, shows your exquisite taste and creates the good mood for yachting or going out to the restaurant.

Convenient office look

Well, it's time to think about what to wear at work in the office. There are tons of options. One of them is a very comfortable free outfit in soothing shades. A light coat, a dark hat and boots, a short skirt and a sweater. Your daily trip to work can be stylish with due attention.

Elegant home outfit

It's also worth thinking about the right outfit for your new style of home. Of course, here you can be a little more free to choose both colors and lines. But if you follow the same trend, it's better to choose a pink pantsuit with a wide belt. It is ideal for a lace underwear as well as a regular nightgown and fluffy slippers.

Outfit for meeting friends

Are you going to meet old friends? Can the meeting drag out and go into a real party? It is worthwhile to prepare in advance and put on something warm and comfortable, in case you want to take a walk late in the evening. A dense long coat and sneakers are exactly what you need for long walks after a good get-together.

Go for morning coffee

What could be more romantic than a cup of fragrant morning coffee in the nearest coffee shop? For such an occasion, put on a light fluttering sundress and comfortable sandals. After all, nothing should distract you from enjoying this wonderful drink.

Going to a business meeting

To make a good impression and sign the coveted contract, it's not enough just to look good. You have to look great! So your partner can forget about the details and only agree to all your offers when he sees you. Think carefully about your image. Let it be moderately elegant and sexy, strict but not repulsive. Then the meeting will be held according to your rules.

Playing with contrasts

If your image turned out to be somewhat strict and you need to soften it, try to apply one more trick. For example, put on a long silk dress under the gray coat. Such a contrast will not only add uniqueness to your image, but also create some mystery. Wear long gloves to add some sophistication.

Casual look for weekend walks

An outfit for long walks should be comfortable, but elegance will not hurt him. To combine these qualities, choose a trouser suit made of light translucent material, preferably one color. Put loafers on your feet, and a favorite hat on your head. Such your image will look great on photos for Instagram and Facebook.

How did you like today's selection? What look did you like / remember most? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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