A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

by El-style

Choosing new stylish clothes to stay at the peak this season

From time to time, some branches appear in a fashionable trend, which sometimes deviate quite strongly from the mainstream. And it's hard to ignore. Moreover, I think such branches add variety and brightness to everyday fashion.

I love follow fashion trends and always notice even slight shifts. You can often see when one of the well-known brands launches a new trend and the rest immediately pick it up. So, today, imperceptibly, a trend has appeared on white clothes. And not only for the whole outfit, but also for individual details, creating a kind of contrast. Such an unusual color approach resulted in the whole wave of the fashion industry this season. All the popular fashion bloggers picked this up and tried to put outfits in their social networks using a white piece of clothing. Well, let's try to figure out what this new direction is and how popular bloggers see it.

  1. Classic organic denim trench coat
  2. FRAME's tailored culottes
  3. Elegant and stylish pantsuit
  4. Stylish white daily outfit
  5. Summer relaxed look
  6. Stylish look for cold weather
  7. Style lesson from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  8. Outfit for daily walks
  9. Chic outfit for evening performance
  10. Another elegant casual outfit
  11. Exquisite look for special occasions

Classic organic denim trench coat

A white classic coat in dense white organic denim is a perfect fit. Such a cut gives elegance and is suitable for true business women. Beige beret and a handbag in the same tone will not be amiss.

FRAME's tailored culottes

FRAME's tailored culottes embrace the '70s revival that Spring '20 is so fond of. They're cut from white denim and have flattering wide legs that reach just below the knee so that now your legs seem incredibly long. You can complete such an elegant look with biege shoes from SCHUTZ.

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

Elegant and stylish pantsuit

Continuing the theme of outfits for business women. An excellent, strict white trouser suit consisting of a jacket and trousers, which sets you in a serious way. Underneath, there is a short cropped top, especially to soften the situation at the right time and translate everything into an easy, relaxed form of communication.

Stylish white daily outfit

It is difficult to imagine a more stylish and comfortable white outfit for daily trips to shopping or to a restaurant, to a meeting with friends. Comfortable loose trousers and the same lightweight casual jacket give you a great time in company.

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

Summer relaxed look

Very comfortable outfit for a woman on vacation. A light button-down jacket with a belt and conry pleated cuff shorts. To make the look more relaxed, you need to add several accessories, for example, sunglasses, a scarf on the neck, several bracelets and of course a handbag.

Stylish look for cold weather

If it’s raining outside or just cold weather, you can still wear a white outfit to stay stylish and elegant. The secret is to choose a long white coat, comfortable high-heeled boots, grab your favorite handbag and go forward, to conquer.

Style lesson from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Sometimes, celebrities give us some kind of lessons on the right choice of clothing pieces. Rosie looks just great in this white outfit, such an example that is worth inheriting. A white trouser suit, beige sandals and a black handbag are the perfect combination to look stunning.

Outfit for daily walks

This selection would not be complete without casual attire. And here, I chose a great option - a white oversized sweater, medium-length knitted skirt and sneakers for long walks. Absolutely any handbag will suit such an outfit, of course we take a white one.

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

Chic outfit for evening performance

Impress others? Sparkling at the party? Be the center of attention? There is nothing simpler, a stylish top with sequins will sparkle brighter than a disco ball and elegant white trousers will emphasize your seriousness and independence.

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

Another elegant casual outfit

Also, another convenient and stylish outfit for every day. White tight-fitting sweater, loose trousers and a hat are the perfect choice for going to the cafe with friends. Complement with comfortable heeled sandals to give the look more sophistication.

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

Exquisite look for special occasions

And finally, a chic outfit for special occasions. If you are suddenly going on a date or celebrating an anniversary, such an outfit will be just right. A white knitted sweater and black leather pants create a good contrast, complemented with black heeled shoes and a handbag in the same color.

As you can see, there are a huge variety of options for creating images with white pieces of clothing. From business outfits to casual, for evening and for special occasions, it is only important to show imagination. Use these photos above for inspiration when creating your own outfit or just repeat one of the suggested ones. All links to stores where you can buy clothes from photos I placed under each of them. Also, I invite you to comments to discuss your ideas.


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