When you want to add a little comfort and coziness to your life

A few more ideas on how to decorate a girl's vanity room

Since the previous article turned out to be incredibly popular, I want to continue the theme of designing a vanity room in delicate pink colors. I also melt away from these incredibly cute designs with tons of vibrant, shiny details. And a Hollywood mirror with lamps along the contour is just every girl’s dream. Here, every interior deserves close attention, so I will not delay, let’s begin.

In this fabulous interior, the main character is a large soft padded pouf with buttons. Pink or blue is not that important. What is more interesting is that the rest of the design is ideally based on it, and if you have such a pouf, then assembling the rest of the furniture will not be difficult. Just trust your taste and intuition.

Comfortable pouf

Comfortable armchair

A soft pink chair with a back is a real classic of a comfortable and cute vanity room. Most interiors start with such a chair. And what the final result will depend only on how much your imagination goes wild. Pink is never enough, so feel free to overdo it.

If you don’t know which chair is yours, the most popular choice is a soft chair with buttons on four legs. But you can also look in the direction of swivel chairs or ordinary stools, they all deserve to be part of your new vanity room.

When you want to add a little comfort and coziness to your life

Well, I don’t have the right to not touch the wardrobe theme. This is just a must-have for every self-respecting fashionista. And the bigger it is the better. From the point of choosing furniture, there are not many options and most often it is a simple panel cabinet. But, the more shelves and drawers it has, the more you will be able to fit your details of clothing, handbags, or other accessories. It's great when there is also a place for shoes because it is so convenient to choose your next outfit when all your clothes are in front of your eyes.

Fabulous wardrobe

When you want to add a little comfort and coziness to your life

The most difficult, from my point of view, is to gain strength and leave this room. It sometimes seems to me that I can spend eternity there. So how do you like to dress up, do you like pink? Write me in the comments ...

Amaka 2022-08-20

I love the last one is unique and different


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