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How do you imagine an ideal business attire?

by El-style
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Choosing a shirt for your new representative look

What piece of clothing should start your new business look? Suit? Hmm… Perhaps this used to make sense, but now we have completely different times. Men's shirts tightly took a place in our wardrobe as the main element of a modern business image. And it’s not at all accidental. Today, a shirt is a completely independent piece of clothing with its own separate style.

You may have already noted that many men's business outfits do not even need a jacket. Only trousers and shirts are enough. And lokking at this approach, the shirt is the most important detail here. It sets the tone, shapes the style and creates the whole image of successful man. You can choose the color, cut and even prints, and the whole image always changes, following only one piece.

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Of course, first of all, you need to decide which specific image you want to create. Will it be a strict outfit for important business meetings, or maybe a casual look for daily routine in the office or maybe you decide to wear a nearly formal outfit for a restaurant dinner? Choosing a shirt here plays a key role.

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Let's talk a little about colors. Here, of course, a matter of your good taste, but there are some rules. For example, it will not be entirely correct if you wear a bright colored shirt with a Hawaiian print for a business meeting. Conversely, a strict cut and solid color is not entirely appropriate for a relaxed party. Although, exceptions are possible sometimes. Nevertheless, I advise you to choose plain dyed shirts for work and more colorful ones for an informal atmosphere and rest. Any cut is possible, the main thing is to be comfortable. Yes, a quality-tailored shirt absolutely does not constrain, on the contrary, wearing such a shirt is comfortable in almost any situation.


Well, I think today we have clarified several important nuances regarding the modern male image. Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

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