Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick

Ultra-gloss, ultra-plumping, ultra-shiny and ultra-hydrating lipstick Plump Addict

The icon of a generation, a free spirit and Hollywood star, Jennifer Lawrence with her contagious "joie de vivre" is once again the face of Dior Addict femininity. A new invitation to shine, a new plumping addiction to use and abuse. Plump up the volume of your lips with Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss and its hydra-plumping texture that combines 70% stretch oils with a magnifying effect and hyaluronic acid spheres.
Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick
Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick


14% instant, natural Volume with the "Plumping" formula concentrated in hyaluronic acid spheres that care for lips. When the capsules come into contact with lips, they swell with water for deep moisturization and a visible plumping effect.


Glossy shine and a splash of trendy shades! With its 70% Ultra-Shiny stretch oils, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss glides onto lips to create a spectacular glossy look with an incredibly fine, comfortable coat. The crystal-handled brush applicator maximizes the mirror shine effect.


The stretch oils produce a surprisingly fluid and light texture, and plunge lips into a genuine bath of moisturization. Lips are smoothed and enjoy 6 hours of continuous hydration.
Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick
Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick
Steeped in fashion culture, the 18 Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss shades are available in three shine effects that capture the light to suit your mood. “Genuine shade-by-shade adjustments were necessary for each color to stand out as a true ‘statement’ while delivering one of these three magical effects.” - Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup.
Dior Addict The New Plumping Ultra-Gloss Lipstick
A flood of glitter for a “sparkling light” effect. An overdose of shimmer encourages bold fashion statements in a palette of effervescent and futuristic colours. A texture so light you immediately forget it’s there. From neon raspberry to translucent crystal, its pigments let the light shine through for pure, vibrant colours that are incredibly feminine and easy-to-wear. Pearlescent pigments in contrasting or tone-on-tone hues that vary with the light bring this multi-faceted texture to life. Its subtle shine on the lips reveals unexpected facets, just like the enigmatic Dior Addict woman.

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