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Top 6 Best Places for Female Erotic Tattoos

by El-style
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Tattoo as an opportunity to emphasize sexuality

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner so girls should be ready to wear crop tops and short skirts. This year as well as previous tattoos are in trend with one exception - your tattoos should be sexier and it is important to choose the right place for your new tattoo. Although you don't need to choose - I did it for you. Let's start...

6. Neck

The neck is one of the sexiest part of female body so ... who cares. Tattoos on the neck it is cool, sexy and everyone can see it. Let it be small bird, sensual hearts or Chinese characters. Hmm... Just make sure you know the right translation.

Blond girl wit small swallow bird tattoo
Interesting rd and black hearts tattoo on girl's neck
Hierogliphs tattoo on the woman's neck

5. Back

Does naked back excite you? I know it does. But what is really tempting is a tattoo on the back. Think about it, there is so much space, you can draw anything. But better it will be a beautiful piece of art.

Sakura blossom tattoo in the sexy woman's back
Angel's wings on the woman's back
Oriental dragon in the sakura blossom tattoo on the girl's back

4. Lower back

This place may be more useful the others. Tattoo on the lower back can substitute panties. Just wear low rise jeans and crop top.

Delicate lower back ornament tattoo
Seductive lower back ornament tattoo
Exquisite tattoo with roses and birds on the lower back

3. Under booty

Finally we got to the hottest part of the top. Honestly, when you see something like this, can you look away? So am I. If you decide to make it, don't forget to keep your butt in good shape.

Intriguing text underbooty tattoo
Strawberries tattoo on the leg under booty
Sexy inscription tattoo under the perfect butt

2. Breasts

Boobs ... who does not like them? If you are lucky owner of the C or D size it will be crime to hide them. Dresses with deep V neck or translucent shirts is must have in your wardrobe. In all other cases there is always plastic surgery can help.

Oriental dragon breasts colour tattoo
Light ornament tattoo under boobs
Decoration ornament tattoo under boobs
Amazing colour tattoo under breasts

1. Bikini

You think it is sexy? First you must shave this zone, then make wax or laser hair removal (the best way). From six to ten procedures for lasting effect. Only after that you can go to tattoo artist. And don't forget about tattoo aftercare. You still think it is sexy? Of course it is. It is incredibly sexy, it is seductive and it is worth it.

Oriental dragon tattoo on the bikini zone
Exciting ornament tattoo on the bikini zone
Beautiful dragon with flowers tattoo on the hip
Outstanding colour tattoo with fantastical creatures



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Jacki Lee Burns 2020-07-15

I love all these style tattoos well done...

Denny B 2020-07-28

I concur


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