Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football

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Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football
with These KEY Tips

There is no game more popular in the world than fantasy football. That might be hyperbolic but it honestly isn't far off. While people still get their kicks playing games like MADDEN or NFL Live, savvy football fans are turning to daily fantasy sports in order to play the game they love with the opportunity to win some real money along the way. Today we are going to talk to you about embracing fantasy football while giving you the tips you need in order to win some big money along the way.
Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football
Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Draft 2017

Every year in the NFL pre-season we'll see teams shake up their roster, re-align their depth chart, and change their approach to the game. Fantasy football players fall in love with rookies and overdraft their favorite players, forgetting everything they learned the year before. Today we are going to help you shoulder off those bad habits and focus on drafting the best team available for 2017. We'll start by talking about opportunity cost.

1. Opportunity Cost

When you approach the 2017 fantasy football draft this year you are going to want to focus on picking the best player in the right round. Obviously if you are selecting first overall you are going to pick a guy like David Johnson or LeVeon Bell. What becomes less obvious is when you get to the 2nd and 3rd round. While there are no truly "wrong" ways to draft, there are some ways that are better than others. Never draft a defense or kicker until the last round. Avoid QBs until the late rounds of the draft. Typically you also want to stay away from tight ends, because the differential between the best and the #5 isn't very much in terms of points scored. Jimmy Graham in the 5th is a better opportunity cost than Rob Gronkowski in the 2nd.

2. Research, Research, Research

When you are done researching for your fantasy draft, start researching again. The key here is to stay up to date with all of the latest breaking news. Players get hurt, get disgruntled, and get benched and you don't want to be drafting any of them higher than your opposition if you don't have to. There's a tightrope you have to walk, though. Don't discard your gut completely, just temper it with well sourced information that gives you full perspective of the league.

3. Pick your game

Some people love to play full season long fantasy games. Other folks like to play daily fantasy sports. In past years you would prepare for each one VERY differently, but that isn't the case in 2017 thanks to a new company called DRAFT. DRAFT is changing how DFS works by allowing players to construct their roster via a snake draft instead of the traditional salary cap format. This gives more variance between players, allowing for more even playing fields.

4. Research the sleepers

Every year it seems like some real life 5th round draft pick comes out of nowhere to light up the league. Of course, nobody actually comes out of nowhere. These guys are all professional players for a reason. Stay ahead of your opponents by looking for sleepers on teams that have a chance to breakout. Stash them on the end of your bench and hope it pays off during the season so you can stun your opponents.
Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football
Stun Your Opponents in Fantasy Football