Morning failure was a hidden luck

by El-style

Morning failure was a hidden luck

Morning failure was a hidden luck
Morning failure was a hidden luck
Morning failure was a hidden luck
It does not always work out as you want. Sometimes you plan something, and the event will go awry. That's what happened to me today.
I was terribly upset, I dropped my hands and did not know what to do next. It was necessary to retire and stay in silence. I have a coffee house in mind where it's quiet and cozy, that's where I went. I do not even know what helped - a cold autumn morning or a cup of fragrant cappuccino, but somehow the thoughts were sorted, I calmed down and looked at the situation differently.
It turned out, it's for the best, that did not work out what I planned. After all, this "failure" gave me the opportunity to better think, understand and take a more correct decision.
I realized that it's important not to do anything stupid. After all, when I'm emotional, then my actions are often impulsive and somewhere, even wrong. It is better to stop, switch to something else so that the thoughts are ordered and then everything appears in a different light. And anyway, every failure is a hidden luck! To do this, you just need to look at the situation from the outside. Today I am convinced of this.


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