How To Holiday Shop For Newlyweds

by Aimee Lyons
What kind of holiday gift do you get someone who just opened a hundred wedding presents? Gift buying for newlyweds can be a challenge, because they’ve already been showered with gifts, possibly for months.
The newlyweds on your list may already have received all of the china and housewares they need, so you will want to do a little research before selecting the perfect gift.

Check the registration inventory

If your newlyweds have been married less than a year, they may well still be registered at the stores where they asked for specific gifts. Review the inventory of what was not gifted to see if there are any obvious things they need. For instance, if they got the full slate of china, but no one bothered to buy them a baking dish, that could make a good gift. If the couple badly needs cooking pots, but that seems too unglamorous as a holiday gift, upgrade to two or three copper pots, and the gift takes on more sparkle.
Other gifts that might be badly needed by people who have just set up housekeeping together:
  • Can opener--Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make marinara sauce and finding that your can opener is not up to the job of opening the crushed tomatoes.
  • All-purpose bath soap--Some companies offer a liquid soap that can be used as a body wash and shampoo.
  • Matching kitchen canisters already stocked with flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda.

What if they’re just plain broke?

It’s a little distressing to be given champagne flutes when you can’t even afford a bottle of aspirin, and few people really need more scarves or sweaters. You may not know exactly where your newlyweds stand financially, but it’s safe to assume they’re broke if they paid for a lavish wedding without help from parents.
The best gift you can give your newlyweds might be a pocketful of cash, but etiquette ties our hands when it comes to giving or asking for cash in lieu of gifts. Also, some people are proud. They may not want to admit that the wedding went over budget, leaving them strapped.
Fortunately, there are now great ways to give the equivalent of cash without having to stuff a wad of green paper into someone’s hand. It’s become fashionable to give stocks for holiday gifts. You can choose from a number of uncontroversial companies, and, if they need to, your newly-married friends can simply liquidate it.
Certain gift cards are also as good as cash. With an Amazon gift card, for instance, you can buy everything from food to the kitchen sink. Literally. Be sure you buy your gift card directly from the company and avoid falling prey to scams that sell fake cards.
Other versatile gift cards are:
  • Lowe’s--The stores are everywhere, and offer a wide range of needed housewares (such as curtains and throw rugs) as well as hardware.
  • Sears--Yes, it’s kind of unglamorous, but they basically have everything, and you can order what they don’t have in stock from the online store.
  • Macy’s--For the same reason as Sears, but a little more upscale.

Arts gifts

If you know your newlyweds are not strapped, consider giving them something that stimulates their creativity. Many people would love to play an instrument, but never had the time to learn. If you’ve ever heard your just married friend say something like, “I always wish I’d taken up the ukulele,” that should guide your gift giving. Simply package up the new instrument with a receipt for prepaid lessons.
Many people think the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn. Here are some other instruments that won’t take a Juilliard education to master:
  • Harmonica
  • Bongos
  • Cymbals
  • Electric keyboard
Buying for newlyweds should be a joy. After all, they have decided they’re in love and they want to spend their lives together. They’re at the start of a wonderful journey. Find the right gift for them at the holidays, and you can smooth the road in front of them.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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