Pampering our feet. Choosing truly summer decoration.

by Elena
What can be more sexy and innocent at the same time than a sophisticated accessory on the leg? This new trend as an avalanche has entered modern fashion. Chains with rhinestones, stones and flowers gently frame the foot and create the effect of something very beautiful and intimate. The thing that draws a lot of attention to itself and leads to various interesting thoughts.
Such an accessory can be worn on a bare foot on the beach, or it will effectively complement your favorite shoes with any outfit. After all, wearing it you will attract definitely more attention. Such decoration is pleasant to wear even at home, to pumper yourself. It underlines your individuality, your inner world. And you will certainly look irresistible if a nice neighbor comes to you unexpectedly, to ask for something and, naturally, he will not be able to take his eyes off your leg, on which the accessory will playfully play.
An accessory on the foot is just as important element of the wardrobe as a bracelet on a hand or a ring. A modern fashionista will certainly find the opportunity to supplement her outfit with such accessory. It is especially pleasant that this jewelry piece can be worn for any style. Whether it's a long or short dress, skirt, pants or shorts - it will suit everything. This will add to you a flavor that will make you sexy and innocent at the same time.
If you decided to acquire such an accessory, be sure to try to diversify your look with bright stickers or temporary tattoos. To accessory in the Boho style add chains of shells or feathers, for more precious items use a light silver or gold chain.
The main thing, in all adhere to the general taste and mood of the whole outfit. And do not be afraid to experiment, because thanks to unusual actions and brave people like you, our world becomes brighter and more beautiful every day.