30 October 2018

You will not go for a walk without it the next 3 months.

by Daniel
If you think that you are prepared for the upcoming cold season, then you are not. Of course, if you do not get a new scarf for your new look.
Every year, this seemingly insignificant accessory becomes more and more an important detail of a man’s wardrobe. Now, it is no longer just plain or with a simple ornament. Modern scarves, it's just a work of art. Expensive fabrics, exquisite decorations and patterns. Today, the scarf has already become a necessary element of the elegant look of any self-respecting man.
And what is important, in modern trends, there are absolutely no clear rules on what your scarf should be. Choose any! All colors of the rainbow, with children's drawings or superheroes prints. Now, it is not even necessary that the coloration matches the rest of the colors of your outfit. Do it, be stylish!
Well, here, in my new article, I will show you what ideas I consider the most successful in this new season.
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