The test you must pass at least once

Sometimes, to create comfort, you do not need to be in your lair. Simply feel the heat inside, imbued with confidence, firmly take a step forward. Crush your fear and then calm comes, calm breathing. And the warmth, exactly what you lacked, maybe a very long time.
Do you know why you, real man needs this warmth? This is your rear, your cozy lair. This is that, thanks to which you are calm, you do not need to look back. You confidently go forward! Only forward!
No one can guarantee that the path you have chosen will be easy. But, having passed it, you will gain enough experience in order to start a new, even more difficult path. In that way you get better. Every day.
And when, at times, it seems to you that there is no longer any strength. You are tired, you can not longer rise from the next blow. That's it then, and you need to turn to yourself. To your soul. Find there the reasons for which you started all this, which helped you all the time to go, and which made you get to this point.
And you will find a fire, a bright flame that burns stronger at such moments. It is the flame that will inspire you. It will give you a strength to stand up and move on. It will give you a hope first, and then a confidence, that you will achieve the goal, that you will pass all the tests, no matter how difficult they are. After all, you are a man. The real warrior.

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