7 November 2018

You will not reach your goal until you realize that

by Daniel
What about values ​​in your life? What about your aspirations, desires, maybe dreams? Does the path you choose to achieve your goals really lead you to them?
Sometimes, our desires are more than what we can afford. Sometimes we want what we fear, or we realize in advance that we will never get it. It's sad, isn't it?
The Internet is full of articles about how to be successful, how to get out of life what you want. But the main problem is that these recommendations are impersonal, they are designed for the general reader, and most likely will not help you specifically.
In fact, all your problems, as well as their solutions lie in you. And only you can help yourself. Yes, it is unusual, and sometimes it is even scary to realize that in everything that you have and that you haven't you should blame yourself. If you dream about something for a long time and have not reached it yet, you are to blame for this!
You were scared, lazy, or a million more reasons why you didn’t even begin to go to your dream. And then, another two million, by which you stopped halfway, gave up and did not reach. Yes, it is true, successful people achieve their goals through perseverance and hard work. But you are not one of them?
So maybe it's time to become one? I didn't motivate you enough? If you are ready to go forward, stand up and go! Don't be a slug!
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