Ready to wear a yellow jersey?

by El-style

Nothing is more inspiring than as a series of successes. At that moment it seems that you caught the blue bird by the tail and all the gods turned to face you.

Ready to wear a yellow jersey?

In fact, probably, this is a deserved success. After all, most likely you worked long and hard for it, and of course you deserve all those cookies that suddenly fell on you, because the time has come. Or, after all, the fate took pity and gave you their attention.

Ready to wear a yellow jersey?
Ready to wear a yellow jersey?

It really doesn’t matter HOW you perceive it. What matters is how you came to this. How many times have you fallen, risen, fallen again. And rose again. Made the right conclusions and ... Here it is. THAT, for the sake of which there were all these efforts (although here I wanted to write "suffering").

Ready to wear a yellow jersey?
Ready to wear a yellow jersey?

Some, even may not let go of this moment, stretch it. These few, minions of fortune, will continue to receive buns, while you, in the meantime, flop into another pit, at full speed.

Ready to wear a yellow jersey?

What did you do wrong? What missed? How to return again to that lane of luck?



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