This is something you can never control

by El-style
It is always somewhere near. Sometimes it's very close, and then it excites you, takes all your thoughts. Sometimes far, and almost invisible, but still it touches you with such a gentle, light touch. You may try not to notice, but it is always a part of you, a part of your essence.
It's like breathing, a light breeze, or maybe like music, a favorite melody that flows somewhere nearby, and, behold, you are already singing a motive, plunging more and more and carried along with the flow of feelings. This is a desire, a passion, a power which you can not resist. This is like a fever, causes an accelerated pulse.
You like what you feel. After all, this is an instinct, a part of your nature, a desire to conquer and to win. This is the power by which the world moves. This is a law of nature. Attractiveness, sympathy, passion, love.
And don't try to control it. Nature cannot be restrained, it will still find a way out, find an opportunity. This has been going on for millions of years and will continue. After all, this is the main force that owns this world.


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