7 December 2018

Welcome to the lair of a seducer

by Daniel
A warm evening, a quiet pleasant melody, twilight and an incredible feeling of comfort. Here you want to stay, at least for the weekend. In such a place, your problems and worries are far away, here only calm and relaxation. Another minute and now, you're already part of this place, with the same mood and ease.
Probably every self-respecting bachelor should have his lair. Such a special place where he leads the girls after dating at a party. A place that reflects his inner world, his status, his place in the world.
At that moment, when you get there, you may not be able to look around. But in the morning, you will get up early while he is still asleep. You wrap yourself in his shirt, which smells of his cologne. And, with curiosity, you will get acquainted with his house, his lair.
For you, this is the same important element of dating as acquaintance, as well as sex. After all, right now, you have the opportunity to understand whether you want to see him again. Or maybe your newly born relationship will grow into something more.
In a few minutes you realize that you were right with the choice this time. You undoubtedly like what you see and somewhere inside a warm and pleasant feeling of comfort arises. Yes, this is really your boyfriend.
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