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A special feature of the male lifestyle

by El-style

Men's style is not only an ideal look, but also a men's habit. And one of them is rooted in the times of popularity of male clubs. At a time when elegant manners were valued, and the status was determined by the cost of a cigar. We decided to step back for a moment to those, of course, memorable times to enjoy the chic and elegance of the masculine style, which has kept its relevance to this day.

Choosing a variety of whiskey

A special feature of the male lifestyle
A special feature of the male lifestyle

To begin with, I am sure, you need to determine the type of whiskey. And this is not always easy, since there are a lot of varieties on the market now.

And in order not to be mistaken, there are some tips:

Well, if you think that it is better to single malt or mixed, then I hasten to reassure you, this is a matter of taste. Both that and that whiskey can be very good.

A special feature of the male lifestyle
A special feature of the male lifestyle
A special feature of the male lifestyle

Let's move on to the cigars

This topic also has overgrown with a whole bunch of stereotypes and myths. And therefore, dealing with it is also not easy. But we will try.

To choose your favorite brand of cigars, you will have to try them all. Iā€™m joking of course, but if you really set out to choose the most suitable cigars for yourself, you should try many. As with whiskey, the price is very important, but not a determining factor. Sometimes a very worthy product can be caught for quite inexpensively. Also, do not be lazy, and read the description before buying, or talk with the seller. All the same, a person who has been selling for a long time can help you choose exactly what you like.

A special feature of the male lifestyle
A special feature of the male lifestyle

In any case, it is worth remembering that a special feature of the male lifestyle should combine not only alcohol and tobacco products, first of all, this is a truly masculine sense of style, exquisite manners, and a magnificent appearance. This stereotype of a real man has been brought up by generations and you should stick to it if you want to belong to an elite club.




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Russell Blowe 2020-07-15

Great site!

Anthony McFadden 2020-07-15

I am a man looking to get back to that elegance of whiskey an a nice cigar again.


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