19 January 2019

The art of expressing fearlessness in style

by El-style
We always try to find something interesting for the next article. And today is a special case. Today, I want to introduce you to Gelareh Alam, a fashion designer from San Francisco.When you first look at the work of this talented designer, you experience a storm of emotions. Here is not just the artist's own style, here is a whole subculture. In the works of Gelareh, it is impossible to single out any one detail - all shades, lines are woven into a perfect and unique picture, creating a unique image of its kind. It is admirable.
Despite the fact that in each collection there is a gothic thread, her own style still dominates. It harmoniously combines sophistication and sexiness, strength and independence.I just want to look at each image separately for a long time and the entire collection at once.
I hope that for you it is also be a pleasant discovery. And you will enjoy the whole range of emotions that I experienced at first
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