The status of a true aristocrat

God is in the details. And here it is just something worth paying your attention.

Signet ring, it is such a detail of the male look, which not only attracts the attention of others, but also serves a specific practical purpose.

The long tradition of sealing letters with wax and the seal of the sender returns to the trends. Family crest or initials on the seal will emphasize the importance of the person who sent the letter. Such a ring must be made to order and certainly from expensive materials, for example, gold with inlaid precious stones. Therefore, look for a high-class master, such as REBUS TEAM.

Signet Ring 2019-06-01

Very informative! You are sharing the great info about signet rings. I really like this article. Thanks and keep sharing.

Kevin Orso 2020-07-15

Great article, keep up the good work!!!

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