A collection of stylish interiors in time for the end of the year

If you have not yet updated your interior, it's time for a little shopping

Do you have a tradition of updating your interior once a year? I have one. This can be a complete update or just a little reshuffle and buying some new interesting details.
In order to do something special, you often need some inspiration. And it is best to draw it from young talented designers. Like Federico Repetto from Milan. One glance at his exquisite interior works and you feel admiration. The simplicity of the lines and such a complex combinations of colors and materials at the same time. Very correct accents and a subtle sense of space. No one design is overloaded, all the pieces are in their place. Whether it is a bedroom, living room or just a relaxation area, each interior is made with great attention to detail. Try to hold your eyes for a second and catch how a unified style is traced for all designs.

Interior design of the relax zone created in minimalistic style
Wide and comfortable bedroom designed in warm cozy colours
Comfortable bedroom designed in chocolate and white colours
Spacious and comfortable lounge zone with the huge window
Living room designed in light colours with big wide window
Cozy living room interior completed in discreet design and colours
Stylish and fashionable bedroom designed in modern style
Kitchen and dining room in minimalistic restraint style and grey tones
Stylish interior design of the lounge zone. Open space inspiration
Spacious dining room with small fountains and large glass walls
Very cozy and comfortable relax zone with greenery and small pool

Catching a spark of inspiration while looking at these masterpieces, you should not try to repeat the design exactly. I am sure, the real creative work starts where you put a part of yourself in your work. And maybe, sometimes it’s worth starting small, so that later you will be imbued with a great desire to create, to change your life for the better.


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