8 things you have to do on this winter holidays

by El-style

Without this, your winter rest will be incomplete or totally missed

I. Get sleep and lie in bed enough.
In our modern way of life, we no longer get enough sleep. We always rush somewhere and there is always something more important than a dream - study, work, meeting with friends. Well, in order to lie in bed in the morning and not rush anywhere, this is generally the main question to solve. Therefore, the first thing you must do is devote time to yourself.

II. Eat yummy sweets.
During the winter holidays, everyone always prepares a lot of goodies.
We always deny ourselves something, all the time we think about our healthy body. I think, now is the time to treat yourself, well, just a little bit, so that the holiday becomes more festive.

III. To review the accumulated magazines, to watch new and favorite films, also to read books that wanted, but could not find the time.
If you do not do this, then you will accumulate even more for the next holiday.

IV. Choose a new cosmetics.
Try to experiment with a new make-up and hairstyle. Look for ideas in fashion magazines or on the Internet. After all, usually there is absolutely no time for such things, but I am sure, every woman should look good and attractive.

Festive pink mood on the winter holidays. Girl in socks with magazine lies on the bed
Lazy morning. Cute girl lies on the bed with breakfast and laptop
The best holiday time with pizza and TV. Girl lies on the bed and watch movie
Morning cuteness. Awesome winter holiday
Pink holiday madness. Beautiful girl enjoys morning coffee and sweets
The best stop while traveling is a donut stop. Sexy girl got one and coffee
Choosing a topic for the next article while getting breakfast
Pink life. Cosmetics and coffee with sweets are the best combination
The girl' s wardrobe. All pink shades. Longhaired beauty choosing the morning look
Huge set of your favourite cosmetics. All pink and beige colours
The most cozy bedroom decorated especially for winter holidays
Makeup kit. All pink colours for your favourite beauty products.
Cute and cozy bedroom for girl decorated for romantic night
Cozy pink bedroom for chick girl who loves fur and fluffy
Comfortable trip to mountains. White girl' s socks and clementine
Hot photoshoot while skiing. Beauty girl poses in white clothes
Cute handmade decoration for those who loves roses

V. Go shopping.
Go shopping and pick up a new clothes for your wardrobe for the next year. Especially now, on winter holidays, when it is full of discounts and there is an opportunity to save well.

VI. Go skiing and ice skating.
When else to go to the mountains if not in winter? This season is the time to get together with friends and spend time skiing, sledding, snowboarding or skating together.

VII. Change the interior.
It is not necessary to completely change the entire house. Simply add new cute and stylish accessories. For example, paintings, framed photos, vases, bright small boxes, decorative pillows and rugs. You can do some pieces yourself, it’s not necessary to run after them to the store.

VIII. To meet new people.
Try to make new friends by interests. For example, for yoga or fitness classes. Finally, find a guy, if suddenly you don’t have one yet. After all, it’s boring to celebrate Christmas and New Year alone if you know what I mean. Moreover, the Valentine's Day is ahead.

From myself I want to wish you a happy winter holidays, may all your dreams come true. And do not forget to drop in for new articles.




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