Catch a cold and miss the entire ski season is a piece of cake, so prepare well

Enrique Vega warm winter photoshoot for Bosideng Campaign

I know for sure what you need to go to the mountains right now. In addition to the good mood of course. For comfortable skiing you urgently need good warm clothes. Well, since you are reading an article on a fashion resource, then the clothes should be trendy.

As it turned out, beautiful and good clothes are not so easy to find. But I rummaged around on the Internet and found a great option for you this season. Bosideng offers an excellent selection of winter clothes in bright colors and with fur. For both men and women.

Red winter jacket is ideally suits for you ski adventure with your mate
Red parka with fur hood is the best option for mountains exploring
Going to mountains, be ready for cold weather. Warm winter jacket is a mandatory
Your snowboarding will be amazingly comfortable in suitable clothing
Red long winter jacket will save you if there is extremely cold
Do not forget to stay in fashion even for a walk in the mountains. Stylish parka and leggings are rule
Even if you fall in deep snow, good clothing will keep you warm. Safety
Trendy look for mountains is necessary option to make an impression
If you have ski goggles, you can see all the girls skiing around
Warm winter equipment starts from right clothes. Be warm be trendy
Hold the skis tight if you going get to the end of the track
When you forgot your cap and remember  when it was too late but still looking good
Beautiful white winter jacket with fur hood will make you look like professional skier
Readying to descent with strong rope and right winter parka
Do not forget about the last photo with mountains in the background before you going home

A small reference about the company.

Founded in 1976, BOSIDENG focuses on the development, design and production of down jackets. In the past 42 years, BOSIDENG has been blazing new trails in downs, fabrics, craftsmanship and layouts. The quality and warmth of its down jackets have earned a high reputation both domestically and abroad.

Designers along with research and developers from China, the United States, France and Italy have been devoting themselves to driving the change of down jackets from a single, warmth-preservation function to technical and fashionable designs.


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