Some men's passions when they need to relax. Whiskey, cigars and girls

A small digression to rare male weaknesses

I think everyone who works hard deserves the right to rest. At the end of a year, month, week, or even at the end of a difficult day. It is very important to find such time, and most importantly, be able to relax properly.
Each of us has small weaknesses, but for me a special place in my heart is a calm in the bar. Whiskey, cigar, soft music. For such a rest, the company is not even necessary. I can have a pretty good time alone. Although sometimes, when there is such a mood, I want to spend the evening talking with my best friend.

Of course, I do not mind at all when the rest continues in a pleasant female company. Believe me, there is nothing better than a girl or two when you need to get distracted.
These are my three main weaknesses and passions: good alcohol, cigar and girls.
Well, since this is New Year’s article, I want to wish you fruitful work, quality relaxation and unforgettable impressions in the coming year.


Nestor Garcia 2022-09-02

Hi I love quality and elegant thank you

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