8 best makeup ideas for new year parties where every girl must shine

The most fashionable, beautiful and unique make-ups will complement your New Year's look

If you already have ideas about how to dress for a New Year's party, then it's time to think about a suitable make-up.
In this article, I have collected the newest and interesting makeup ideas. The most popular trends of next year are bright mother-of-pearl colors, a lot of sparkles for both eyeshadow and lipstick and a clear contrast contours of eyes.

I. Morning dew or stardust.

This is one of my favorite makeup. It is unusual, lightweight and incredibly beautiful. With tamkoy make-up, you will definitely attract attention.

Idea for New Year's glitter make-up. Best for parties and events.
Shining makeup in gold and blue shades. Ideal for youth.
Delicate shining makeup for a sophisticated look. Perfectly emphasizes natural beauty.
Unusual variant of the festive makeup with raspberry and gold sequins

II. Elven gold.

Unusual makeup, but very spectacular. Use a golden glitter, which is applied from the eyelashes to the eyebrows and slightly below the eye. It would be ideal to add an accessory for ear as on the photo.

Unusual and very attractive makeup to create a mysterious look

III. Classic of the times or make-up a la Dolce&Gabbana.

One of the most popular makeup in the outgoing and upcoming years. Bright red lipstick and deep black shadows or eyeliner arrows. Or you can use them both. This is a favorite makeup of famous Dolce&Gabbana brand.

Bright red lipstick is the main focus of classic makeup for confident woman.
Black and silver eyeliner arrows combined with red lipstick is the perfect combination for a modern business woman
Daring makeup for blondes. Bright red lipstick and deep dark shadows.
Classic makeup. Red lipstick, dark and golden eyeshadow.

IV. Rainbow shine.

Beautiful and festive makeup. The main idea is to apply pearlescent colors alternately from the base of the eye to the edge. In this option, the full emphasis is on the eyes.

V. Branded.

Stylish makeup for courageous women. Here is focus on the long black double eyeliner arrows and the brand logo on the cheek. It is also advisable to add a hairpin or other accessories of that brand. In this option, Chanel is presented.

An unusual make-up idea for using your favorite fashion brand. Here used Chanel

VI. Incredible eyeliner arrows.

Massive black eyeliner arrows to focus the eyes. Very effective makeup when you need to impress. Most suitable for blondes.

Spectacular eyeliner arrows, the best choice of makeup for a successful and courageous woman.

VII. Fiery red.

Bright youth makeup to attract attention. Double bright red eyeliner arrows and the lipstick with the same color. Shadows are not used here. Looks playful but stylish at the same time.

A bold and daring make-up for a young stylish girl. It talks about your fiery character

VIII. Amazing blue.

This makeup is often used by designers on catwalk shows. But also, it is perfect for a New Year's party. Long thin black eyeliner arrows, blue shadows on the outer corner of the eye and lipstick in the same color. It will be especially provocative if you only apply lipstick in the center. This is a sophisticated make-up for fashionistas, which attracts the eyes with its unusualness.

Runway makeup for fashionistas who follow trends. Perfectly set you apart from the crowd

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