The festive mood is always better in good company and with a good drink

Winter holidays has passed and we had a lot of fun, so how did you spend Christmas and New Year?

The long-awaited holidays Christmas and New Year are over. Last year was exciting and I look with hope to the present.

All year I work hard, and when the time comes for the winter holidays, I want to spend them at the highest level. Probably, many of us spend Christmas and New Year at home with our family. But sometimes, we want go on a wild spree. So am I, this time I wanted to paint the town red. Moreover, for this I need only a good company and a good drink.

I love whiskey. And I think this is the best drink at the party for me. Pleasant, rich taste is perfect for any mood. Whether you want to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, dance or even just to stay alone with your thoughts, in all cases this drink is absolutely ideal.

The modern industry offers a huge selection of different varieties of whiskey. Single malt and blended, seasoned and regular, Scottish, Irish, bourbon and many more. And everyone likes their own. The only thing I would like to wish, if you want to enjoy this wonderful drink in to the full, choose only a quality product, at least 12 years of aging. And never, I beg you, never mix.

And what kind of drink do you prefer?

Campaign details:

Client: Jack Daniel’s
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Production Co / VFX: Aggressive
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producer: Alexander Aab
DP: Eli Born
Compositing & Retouching: Dan Shapiro
3D Animation: Yam Bo
Storyboard Artist: Michał Sawtyruk
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall


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