The triumph of refined and sophisticated style, a work of art exclusively for the luxury interior

Superbly executed interior elements that you never tire of admiring

Have you admired the masterfully executed interior details? Most likely yes, and most likely it was about works of art such as paintings or statues. Well, what if I invite you to admire the artificially executed ashtray?
It may be unusual, but even an ashtray can be a masterpiece. Of course, if it was created by a master named Ivan Venkov from Slovakia.
Take a look at this bewitching carved ornament that covers the hand cut crystal base of this massive ashtray. Above is a black metal platform, skillfully curved, which gives even more luxury to this exquisite style. Such an ashtray will serve as a decoration for any expensive cigar club, hotel or extravagantly furnished home. Pay attention to how well the reflections from the crystal surface and the deep black color are combined. This is undoubtedly the splendor of chic taste and sophisticated style.

Hand made luxury crystal base and black metal top ashtray for exquisite lifestyle
Luxury decorated Interior with leather chair and marble table. Aged whiskey and cigars
The art of style. Crystal hand-made ashtray and black cigar
Sparkling interior piece ideal for an expensive gentlemen
Aged whiskey and cigar - elegant atmosphere of an elite gentlemen
Maybe the best and expensive present for a close friend - hand crafted ashtray

If you, like me, are a connoisseur of a luxury lifestyle, then I am sure you will definitely like this and other works of Ivan Venkov. Visit our website more often, because very soon I am going to post some more works of art of this undoubtedly talented master.


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