Luxurious and exquisite life in a spacious house in Qatar

Elegant interior and exterior design for a comfortable and quiet life

What is the recipe for a quiet and happy life? Probably everyone has his own.
For me, for example, owning a private house is the most cherished dream today. Spacious and cozy house, which has everything you need for a comfortable life, a small green area with a parking place and a swimming pool, is this not a paradise on earth?
If you think about it, you don’t really need so many things. If you do not have a large family, then you do not need a large number of rooms, and therefore furniture. Bedroom, nursery, lounge room and kitchen, what else is needed? Well, yes, a wardrobe. If you love shopping, you need an impressive wardrobe room.
Well, in my case, there are two more requirements. First, there must be a place to work. I do not really like working at home, but sometimes, it is simply necessary. Therefore, a convenient and equipped place to work is very important. The second is a movie theater. Well, maybe not a movie theater, it’s just a huge LCD TV and a huge sofa opposite. Oh, and the audio system, of course. Listening loud music or watching movies is another advantage of living in a private house.

White two-storey house with pool and zone for relaxation
Night photo of beautiful two-storey house with pool
Night photo go two-storey house with parked car and greenery
Spacious master bedroom with big bed huge windows
Bedroom combined with workplace and lounge zone
Big kitchen combined with dining area and direct access to the terrace
Comfortable kitchen with dining table and stand for equipment
Lounge zone with white comfortable sofa and direct access to the terrace

The area near the house. If you knew how much I sleep peacefully when my car is in my territory, not in a common parking lot. And, I would not say that I often have to stay in some kind of criminal areas, but even a simple scratch from the door of a neighbouring car already spoils me for the whole day.
The green area is the perfect place to play with your child, barbecue or just for relaxation. And the pool. Private Pool is quite straight happiness. If you try not to think about how much money you need to take care of him. As well as for the whole house. Having a house with a pool is a dream.
In the end, enjoy the wonderful work of the exterior and interior of the house in Qatar from Denis Fomin. The design is made with great attention to detail. Due to this, the house turned out to be spacious, but at the same time very cozy.


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