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The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

by El-style
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Color and monochrome tattoo design ideas on the most seductive female body parts

Today, a tattoo will not surprise anyone. It became so popular and already has turned into a some kind of art. But, in this article I want to talk about the most seductive, erotic and exciting places for tattoos.

Under booty

Let's start with the most delicious part of the body in my opinion, from the booty. Tattoo on the butt is almost a classic. This is so popular among girls, because each of them wants to show off her booty. The design of such a tattoo can be anything from animal figures to unusual ornaments, but the most popular are various bows or inscriptions.

Female sexy under booty tattoo for brave women


The second most popular place for a tattoo among women is, of course, the chest. Above, on the side, on the breast itself, around the nipple or immediately under the breasts. Women choose one or several places at once to decorate their breasts with playful tattoo. Below are three different designs, but my favorite is a little dragon.

Monochrome bird design tattoo on female chest
Cute designed dragon tattoo on the side near the chest
Beautiful rose tattoo above boobs for romantic women

On the back

The bare female back is as seductive as the long legs or the deep neckline. Of course, tattoo lovers did not ignore this body part. Most often, you may see various angel wings on female back, but I personally like unusual patterns that go from the shoulder blades to the hips.

Awesome designed color tattoo on the back and hip

On the lower lip

A playful and exciting type of tattoo on the lower lip. More suitable for young girls, of course, but I think any women can try. Such a design will not allow the interlocutor to take his eyes off these female seductive lips.

Playful tattoo on lips and neck for girls who love experiments
Drawn by Stas Ivlev

On the hip

Another classic type of tattoo. A great choice when you want to pay attention to your expressive hips. The design can be almost any, I like the big color tattoos in the form of dragons or lizards most of all.

Seductive and erotic colourful dragon tattoo on hip

On the hand

The choice of romantic people who often want to see their own tattoos. Here I will advise to carefully select the drawing, as this will be in sight most of the time. A monochrome, discreet design is best.

Elegant monochrome tattoo on hand for women

On the wrist

The wrist is a rather intimate area and tattoo on it should be graceful and sophisticated. Perhaps a heart or an inscription in written font. This is a favorite place for modest people who have only one tattoo.

Romantic shot-heart tattoo on the wrist if you like small and graceful


Very seductive place. Often women choose the stocking lace pattern, various bows or roses with spikes. The bolder may add a gun or knife. In any case, it looks very sexy, especially when a little peeks out from under the miniskirt.

Passionate and adult gun tattoo on the hip with stockings lace pattern

On the shoulder

The final positon in my list is a romantic shoulder tattoo. I don’t know about you, but I always want to kiss such a shoulder when I see a cute tattoo with hearts or butterflies on it. Perfect for a T-shirt that falls on one shoulder or a light summer sundress.

Tender butterflies tattoo on the shoulder if you are romantic person

And what tattoos do you like? Surely everyone has their favorite list, share it in the comments.




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adam 2020-07-15

Whose the girl with the dreads? Anyone know?

El-Style 2020-07-15

Hey Adam, her name is Felisja Piana.


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