What does the perfect dressing room look like?

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We look at the most beautiful dressing rooms, styles and designs.

The wardrobe room has long been the pride of every modern home. And now, buying a home, no matter whether it is an apartment or a house, each new owner is undoubtedly interested not only in the number and size of living rooms, but also in the drssing room. Moreover, the latest trends dictate the presence of both a female and a separate male wardroberoom.

In this article I want to talk about modern wardrobe rooms, how to decorate such walk-in closets, what is the difference between a men's and women's wardrobe room. I will also give you some great examples of how to design the perfect dressing room.

Dressing room size

A modern dressing room has long been a separate room with a large number of wardrobe closets, cabinets, organaziers, mirrors and with a fitting area. This is a place where the fashionista spends a lot of time choosing the best outfits and their combinations with shoes and accessories. That is why the size of the dressing room matters, and yes, here the more the better.

Dressing room set up

Of course, there is a big difference between men's and women's dressing rooms, so it makes sense to consider them separately.

Women's dressing room. Women's dressing room is a real boudoir with a lot of furniture. This is obvious, because usually a modern fashionista has a huge amount of clothes, shoes and accessories. And a large walk-in closet is ideal for storing and trying on. There should be several closets for clothes, a separate storage for underwear, a separate closet for shoes and a huge closet for accessories. The main feature of the women's dressing room is the presence of a dressing table where there is also a storage for cosmetics and jewelry.

Men's dressing room. Men are usually more ascetic both in the variety of clothes and in the amount of dressing room furniture. Several cabinets for suits, sports and casual wear. Separate shoe cabinet. Well, maybe another one storage for all kinds of accessories. Despite the fact that many modern men pay a lot of attention to their appearance, one mirror in the dressing room is usually enough.

Styles and design elements

Well, the most important question is how to design a dressing room so that it looks amazing and you want to spend a lot of time there? Today, more and more interior designers are involved in this task. And I have to say some of the design decisions delight me.

First of all, I would like to highlight the availability of a large free space in the dressing room. Agree, it's not very comfortable in a cramped room. Therefore, most often the furniture in the dressing room is arranged along the contour along the walls. In the center, of course, there is a fitting place. It should be as open as possible and have a lot of light. The ottoman and fur carpet on the floor are also must-haves as an indispensable attribute of comfort.

As for the front design of furniture, many people love the closed type of cabinets. I personally prefer open or glass. It is convenient to always see what is stored where, and not search through all the boxes. Also, I don't really like a lot of lockers and drawers. Large open wardrobes with separate shelves for small items of clothing or accessories are the most practical in my opinion.

What's really important is the huge full-length mirror. Better yet, two. Having such a mirror is always convenient to see yourself completely trying on absolutely any clothes and accessories.

The color palette doesn't really matter much. Since the dressing room is usually a windowless room with artificial lighting, you should choose soft warm colors. Then the bright light will not dazzle when reflected from the same bright surfaces, even if you install many light sources.

Is it possible to do without a dressing room?

A good question for those who do not have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for a dressing room. And, the answer is yes! Despite the fact that the dressing room is a very, very convenient room for storing and trying on clothes, you can still do without it. Many of us are accustomed to keeping our cosmetics in the bathroom and clothes and accessories in the bedroom.

In conclusion, I want to say that the dressing room is one of the most beloved rooms for every fashionista. That is why we see a lot of photos taken in the dressing room on Instagram. And of course it's great if there are two such rooms, for him and for her. Especially for those who want to design a new dressing room or upgrade an existing one, I have collected a few photos for your inspiration.

Arvind Patel 2022-07-27

Required project in Gujarat 50 flat

Arvind Patel 2022-07-27

May required Woorkig Woldrop 50 flat

Arvind Patel 2022-07-27

May required Woorkig Woldrop 50 flat

Arvind Patel 2022-07-27

May required Woorkig Woldrop 50 flat

Arvind Patel 2022-07-27

May required Woorkig Woldrop 50 flat


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