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Choosing new stylish clothes to stay at the peak this season

A surge of white in the latest fashion trends of women's clothing

An excellent guide on how to choose a stylish, fashionable white clothing to to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends of this season.

We work hard to make your mood better today

A little warmth for you on this cool March day

Beautiful Russian model Alina Gorohova in sexy lingerie poses for the photographer Dmitry Bugaenko in an erotic photo shoot to make your mood better tonight.

Exquisite selection of gifts for the miraculous Resurrection sunday celebration

Easter fever. Choosing a perfect gift for the Easter celebration

Looking for an Easter present for your loved one? Stop tormenting yourself, I've already done everything for you. Just go in and buy it by the link. Trust me, the effect will not disappoint you.

“The Art of the Sea is really everything that is so inspiring, so mesmerising, when you look, when you dive down into the sea you really find the most beautiful objects, the most beautiful part of nature”Packed with some of the world's most impressive one-of-a-kind high jewelry, the launch of the Tiffany Blue Book 2015 is an occasion to be savoured.This year, the anticipation was even higher as it marks the first Tiffany high jewelry collection under new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof. E

Tiffany Blue Book Collection: The Art of the Sea

Incredible jewelry collection from Tiffany. And the name very accurately describes the mood of the entire collection. Amazing and memorable pieces of art.

Let's digress a little in this not-so-easy time

Adventures with a photographer. Heat up Cairo

A stunning photo shoot for Playboy from the talented photographer Ana Dias from hot Cairo. Each adventure should leave unforgettable emotions

How to choose jeans in full accordance with the latest fashion

Bursting into the new season with new jeans. The main trends of the summer

Are you going to buy new jeans and do not know how not to lose money? In this article I will talk in detail about the latest fashion trends for men. Starting from cut and materials, ending with color

Finding the perfect jewelry for yourself has never been easier

10 best ideas when choosing women's jewelry for summer inspiration

The best women's jewelry that you can easily wear this summer season to stay stylish and fashionable. We have selected the best among rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Choosing the right beach jewelry from the Amber Sceats collection

Best ideas for women's summer accessories for the upcoming vacation season

In this article we will look at the beautiful accessories for your summer beach vacation. A chic collection of jewelry from the Australian brand Amber Sceats is perfect for this case.

What can be more sexy and innocent at the same time than a sophisticated accessory on the leg? This new trend as an avalanche has entered modern fashion. Chains with rhinestones, stones and flowers gently frame the foot and create the effect of something very beautiful and intimate. The thing that draws a lot of attention to itself and leads to various interesting thoughts.Such an accessory can be worn on a bare foot on the beach, or it will effectively complement your favorite shoes with any ou

Pampering our feet. Choosing truly summer decoration

In sunny weather, in addition to the sunny mood, you need an appropriate accessory. Today it's a leg decoration, which is ideal for both beach and cocktail parties.

When the spring is cold, you still need to look elegant

If the spring is not very warm, it will not prevent you from looking stylish and elegant. Here is a selection of the most trendy female outfits for this spring


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