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Do not deny your nature, you should take it

Sometimes you should let the wildness out

Wild and unstoppable photoshoot of David Roemer. A mood that reflects our wild nature. Unity with nature. The opportunity to feel part of the larger. Let go your wild temper.

Sometimes you just want to quit and leave

The air of freedom

This gap. Breath of life and travel. Thirst for adventure. Life without tomorrow in the photo shoot of Steven Lippman. Desert landscapes, mountains and the road.

Steven Lippman with May Andersen for Malibu magazine

Steven Lippman for Malibu Magazine

Really masterpieces of photography from the recognized master of photography Stephen Lippman. Perhaps one of his best works in cooperation with the model of May Andersen for the Malibu magazine.


Lily Aldridge turns up the heat

Summer, Miami. Hot photoshoot made by famous fashion photographer from Canada Derek Kettella. Model Lily Aldridge in a sexy beach swimwear in unusual combinations.

Look at the atmospheric photo session of a talented photographer DAVID ROEMER FOR MARIE CLAIRE ITALIA

David Roemer for Marie Claire Italia

Summer photo session of a talented photographer David Roemer for the Italian edition of Marie Claire. Warm colors, light breeze and charming summer mood creates an integral composition.

British sociologists conducted a study in which 2000 people took part and found out what parts of the female body make men lose their minds.First place is for tummy. It excites men most and gives them warm feelings. Agree that yummy and tan belly always attracts your eyes. And I think that beautiful and fit body will not leave anyone indifferent.Neck on second place, it attracts and seduces, especially if it exude a pleasant aroma. Wise women know that and use slightest possibility to highlight

6 Female Body Parts That Make Men Going Crazy

Sexiest female body parts by British sociologists study. Unexpectedly boobs at the penultimate place. Let us know if you are agreed.

Have you ever thought that the skateboard can be not just a board which you ride but work of art. Your street style definitely depends from your clothing and your shoes, but if you are skateboarder it is very important what you ride. And this is not only about the brand, though this is weighty. Just try to think about your skateboard like accessory. Fashion accessory. Like the part of your look. Many people look not only at your tricks but consider your outfit and your board. So we collect the m

Unique Skateboards

Skateboard like a part of your street style. The best brands, exclusive painted decks. Decoration ideas, graffiti variations, headlights, unique forms.

We could easily argue our phones are our most important accessory - from our photos to our Twitter accounts to the ability to access pretty much everything on the go, our entire lives are basically on our phones! Obviously, you'll want to keep yours looking just as chic as the rest of your accessory wardrobe - which is where these fashion crowd-favorite phone cases come in! Consider that your phone is the one possession that can be visible all day long—in your hand as you walk, on your desk at w

Your phone must have couture design

Our phones is our accessories and they must be fashionable. And it's amazing that famous fashion brands have released several collections of covers for our favorite gadgets.

Напевно, кожен з нас неодноразово намагався почати нове життя з понеділка, з нового місяця, з Нового Року. І це дійсно хороше бажання. Тому, що усвідомлення необхідності змін, це не тільки прагнення стати краще і досягти своєї мети, а й вже зроблений перший крок до здійснення мрії. Зрештою, всі великі справи починаються з маленького першого кроку.Новий Рік - ще одна чудова можливість для початку чогось нового у своєму житті. Насправді, навіть не важливо яку саме нову справу розпочати. Чи це буде

Новий Рік, як можливість почати нове життя

Новий Рік не тільки сімейне свято. Це чудова можливість стати на шлях до своєї мети. І якщо не боятися складнощів та перешкод, ти обов'язково досягнеш бажаного.

Probably, each of us repeatedly tried to start a new life from Monday, from the new month, from the new year. And this is really a good desire. Because the awareness of the need for change is not only the desire to become better and reach your goals, but also this is already made the first step towards the dream. In the end, all great things begin with a small first step.The New Year is another great opportunity to start something new in your life. In fact, it does not even matter what are the t

New Year as an opportunity to start a new life

The desire to reach the goal is very important, because it means the desire to change for the better. It is important not to stop at the middle of the path and get to the end.


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