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These gorgeous activewear essentials are gonna be your favorite staples during workouts at the gym. Each one of the following labels offers a real sexy apparel. Another thing is, you can even take it from the gym to the street, as every piece looks hot. I would say it's the best motivation to go to the gym, ever, as each outfit is guaranteed to do the trick and make you wanna go to the gym classes.There are two main priorities in sports clothing: the apparel has to be perfectly fitted and it sho

Fashionable sportswear for fashionable you

Doing sports you're certainly worried about how you look. You want to look sexy even when you're working hard. That's why we've compiled the most beautiful pieces of sportswear.

The plank is one of the best exercises you can do for your core because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline andimprove your posture. And depending on the type of plank you try, you can also engage your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. Whether you can hold a plank for 20 seconds or two minutes, you’ll love these fresh variations on the standard move.Rare are the positions that work as a full-body exercise, so when you ID one, make sure to incorporate it into y

Plank is the best fitness exercise

We all love sports, we all go to the gym and try to keep ourselves in shape. But there is one exercise that is worth doing every day. Let's talk about the plank.


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