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Color and monochrome tattoo design ideas on the most seductive female body parts

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Thinking of making a tattoo or looking for a new place for the next? Want to make your new tattoo the most sexy and daring? Here are the best designs and pictures for your inspiration.

Perfection and delight of taste in creating a comfortable life at home

Refined and expensive interior designs for those who value luxury in details

Comfortable, cozy and elegant interior designs made with meticulous attention to detail. The refined furnishings for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom are striking in their splendor.

One of the easiest ways to meet a girl

Do not miss the great opportunity to meet a girl on Valentine's Day

Maybe you dream to meet a girl or looking for a reason to say about your feelings? The upcoming Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to do this. Do not miss your chance.

Classic business suits are gaining popularity even in everyday life

A detailed guide on the selection of casual and business style for the coming spring

Do you choose a suit for every day or for a business meeting? Or maybe you are looking for your perfect look for the weekend? Here are detailed instructions on what and how to wear today.

Perfect combinations of strict color shades and prints for a business and casual style

Ideas for creating the perfect look of a stylish modern man for the coming spring

Want to look perfect? Looking for a unique and inimitable image? Or maybe you don’t know how to diversify your everyday and business style? A bunch of ideas for inspiration await you.

Perfect body and transparent clothes are the best arguments for a successful photo shoot

That case when hiding such beautiful body under clothes is a sin

Stunning beauty Katerina Zueva posing in transparent clothes in a seductive and erotic photo shoot. Enjoy another incredible work from our beloved photographer Alisa Verner.

A classic luxury car can be innovative and striking at a glance

Incredible beauty redesign of the legendary Rolls-Royce coupe in a modern way

Redesign of a luxury car Rolls Royce coupe from the talented artist Ivan Venkov. The classic style is preserved, but diluted with modern trends, turning the new look into a masterpiece.

You should think about buying a gift in advance otherwise you can screw up at the last moment

8 best gifts for her on Valentine's Day, which she will definitely be glad

Ideas for the best and affordable gifts for women on Valentine's Day. Unusual gifts from which every girl will be delighted. From underwear and sweets to a variety of jewelry and accessories.

Elegant interior and exterior design for a comfortable and quiet life

Luxurious and exquisite life in a spacious house in Qatar

Beautiful and comfortable house with a swimming pool in a modern style. Interior is spacious and bright, rooms are conveniently designed with areas for relaxation and work.

Superbly executed interior elements that you never tire of admiring

The triumph of refined and sophisticated style, a work of art exclusively for the luxury interior

A masterfully executed ashtray from a hand-crafted piece of crystal and a shiny black metal surface will be the decoration of any expensive gentlemen's club, 5-star hotel or yacht.


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