The most stylish and warmest men's coats for a snowy winter

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Detailed breakdown of what to wear this winter to keep warm

Since winter has already begun, it's time to get warm clothes from the wardrobe and I hope you have a suitable one. If not, then especially for you I have prepared a selection of fashionable and very very warm coats for your stylish winter. By the way, it will be very useful to read our article on the latest men's trends for this fall-winter season, where I chose the best fall-winter men's looks among the most popular Instagram bloggers.

Now I want to take a closer look at several types of warm winter clothing for men that will be relevant this season. To not dwell on the choice of color for this season separately, you can read our article where I have already covered in detail the topic of how to choose a coat color for your stylish look in the cold season. For this article, I have selected the main types of men's coats that are popular this season, which will perfectly complement your look, whether you are at work, on a walk or on vacation.

Classic short peacoat

Such a very comfortable and classy short coat has been popular among men for several years in a row. Of course, this is a very comfortable type of winter clothing for both business and casual men's looks. An ideal choice of clothing for a car driving, since you can leave it on when getting into. In addition, it is a very stylish piece of clothing that can be combined with almost anything.

Thom Browne Classic Shearling Peacoat Saint Laurent short peacoat Tom Ford wool coat Dsquared2 double-breasted coat

Middle-length coat

Perhaps not every man is ready to wear a short peacoat and needs more formal attire. Especially for such case I have picked up some great options that are perfect for completing your winter business look and will also ideally warm in cold weather.

Such coat typically has an average length of up to a knee or slightly below. It is convenient as such length does not interfere with movements and it perfectly warms at the same time.

Burberry duffle coat Saint Laurent tailored coat Maison Margiela light grey coat Off-White logo print coat

Padded coat

Ok, what to do when it comes to extreme insulation? Padded and puffer coats come to the rescue. This lightweight and comfortable piece of clothing will perfectly warm you even in the most severe frost. Moreover it is not blown out, which is important if you decide to take a walk in such weather.

Here, length matters and the longer the better. Due to its low weight, such a coat will not be a burden and you will not get tired even if you wear it all day. Moreover, in the current season, such coats are experiencing a second wave of popularity. And thanks to the freedom of choice in the latest men's fashion trends, you can absolutely safely wear this to a business meeting, if it takes place, for example, in the Alps.

Rick Owens padded coat Moncler padded coat Moncler + Rick Owens puffer coat Off-White padded coat

Down coats and parkas

By the way about the Alps. Suddenly you don't like padded coats but you urgently need to go on vacation to the mountains this winter. A long puffed coat will not be the most comfortable on such a trip. In that case I would suggest choosing a short down jacket or a parka instead.

Packed with state-of-the-art warmth-keeping technology, with moisture-repelling and durable materials, these coats are made for winter travel. This is my choice! I love comfortable, warm and handy clothes for the winter. Wearing such a coat, I do not need additional pieces of warm clothing such as a sweater or pullover at all.

The North Face coat Heron Preston NASA print coat The North Face Heritage down coat Balenciaga C shape coat

Fur coats for mods

This article would not be complete if I do not mention fur coats. Many men choose this type of winter clothing trying to look stylish and fashionable, and most importantly, not like everyone else. Yes, it may not be very convenient, but the dandy wearing such a coat is hard to miss.

In recent years, the fashion industry has significantly increased the range of men's fur coats, so the choice is now huge. From short and scanty to long and fluffy coats of all kinds of colors. Since synthetic materials are used more and more for the manufacture of fur, I have nothing against such an extravagant piece of clothing. Even more, I support diversity and choice, as it gives a wide field for imagination when creating new winter men's looks.

AMI Paris Oversize Coat Saint Laurent striped coat Tom Ford coat Mr & Mrs Italy x Nick Wooster coat

I tried to consider all the most popular types of winter clothing for men popular this season. As you can see, all major designers and brands have presented their vision of a fashionable man for this year. All you need is just choose the most suitable look and style to spend this winter in warmth and safety. Happy Holidays!

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