The best jeans for men to wear this spring-summer

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What jeans should you wear to look stylish this season?

Jeans are still in trend, and we are happy about it. Since these comfortable clothes have become one of the favorites for every man, we have many different styles and styles.

You can choose from ripped, straight, skinny jeans and more, giving us the opportunity to change our look every day.

Every stylish man has at least a pair of jeans

Today it is difficult to imagine any men's casual look without jeans. And if you are a fashion follower, you should have a lot of them.

Moreover, according to current trends, every stylish man should have a pair of jeans for every look, from casual to formal.

While jeans remain popular throughout the seasons, some trends are changing. And to keep your style fresh, I've collected these best men's spring/summer looks with jeans.

And let's start with the hit of past seasons ... YES, it's time to look for your favorite jeans.

And do not rush to throw out your ripped jeans

Ripped jeans gained their popularity a couple of years before and are still relevant. But, I must say, they are slightly losing ground to more classic cuts.

And, to be honest, there aren't so many occasions to wear them and look appropriate.

Either way, if you have a favorite pair of ripped jeans, do not rush to throw them away. The modern style allows them to be worn with T-shirts or polos or as you like on a daily basis.

Van Winkle Angst Trashed Real Straight Leg JeansMen's BB Apollo JeansPURPLE Ripped Skinny JeansPURPLE Ripped Slim Jeans

While other garments undergo various transformations, men's jeans are slowly returning to the old classic cut.

For the last two years, we have seen more casual, business, and formal men's looks with classic jeans. And today they have become a real hit among stylish men.

This straight fit and uniform color allow such a comfortable garment to be worn with shirts, jackets, and sweaters.

Athletic Fit Performance JeansFit 2 Slim Fit Jeans

Slim or skinny, that is the question

Looking for gold when choosing a cut of jeans, you can look at slim or skinny options, and ... you probably shouldn't.

Gone are the days when trends tried to squeeze all men into skinny jeans to make them look like "boys." OMG

These "chic" styles are on their way into oblivion. I can't say if this is good or bad, but I can definitely say that you should carefully consider classic jeans for your new look this season.

Stretch Skinny JeansChitch Prodigy Slim Fit Jeans

Patchworked and embroidered jeans

Of course, a classic cut is always a comfortable and handy option, but what if you want to wear something unusual? For example, show off your outfit at an upcoming party.

The perfect choice is to take patchworked or embroidered jeans. Their unusual design will definitely improve your evening relaxed look.

Jeans of this design do not have strict guidelines for the use of other pieces of clothing. Any T-shirt, casual shirt, or polo will work great.

Men's The Sound Of Music JeansLeap Ripped JeansBB Clubhouse JeansMen's Running Dog Jeansimage credits

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