19 January 2018

Moments that make our life

by Elena

My amazing experience while traveling

Moments that make our life
You know, when you do something in a hurry, even what you really like, then after a while it ceases to bring pleasure to you. I encountered this while traveling. I and my family adore traveling and we so wanted to see everything around us that we did not notice how accelerated. We drove faster, in cities we tried to see everything as soon as possible and did not even notice immediately how we stopped enjoying what we adore. The landscape has become less colorful, the cities - less beautiful and even the coffee has ceased to be so delicious. And then I realized that if you rush that way all your life you will run and then after many years there will be nothing to remember.
Moments that make our life
Moments that make our life
After all, the most important moments of our life are those when we stop, where we do not hurry and with pleasure we look at everything that surrounds us, enjoy what is happening to us. It is much nicer not to run and stop and listen to the singing of birds or see how beautiful the flowers are blooming all around. Sit down on the bench and drink a fragrant coffee to look at people who pass by, suddenly you will meet your love that you did not see during the fuss.
Moments that make our life
These moments will not take much time, it's some 10-15 minutes. But thanks to them your life will be filled with colors and you will be more happy. It is the moments that make our life.
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