The most fashionable fur coats to spend the winter in warmth

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Let's take a look at the main women's trends of this cold season

A winter fur coat takes a special place in every woman's wardrobe. What can we say about real women of fashion? They may have several different fur coats or even several dozen. I fully share this love, because this warm and fluffy piece of clothing will surely awaken the most tender feelings. How wonderful it can be to wrap yourself in a cozy fur coat in cold winter!

But most of all I am glad that there is a huge variety of such warm and cozy fur coats. Short, medium and long, fluffy and not so, and all kinds of colors. Such a huge variety that even a sophisticated fashionista can find it difficult to choose.

What can you say about a fur coat as a piece of your look? Does it go well with the rest of your outfit? Yes, it really isn't easy! It is great that you are reading our article, because we have already done all the most difficult work for you! Here I have collected a collection of the most stylish and beautiful fashionable women's fur coats that will definitely be in fashion trends this winter season.

Here, I will show you in detail each of the options to help you make the best choice. And don't worry, for this collection, I chose only artificial fur, as I am also totally against killing animals for fashionable clothes. Moreover, modern faux fur looks and warms no worse than natural, and the color palette can be much richer. It is also worth noting that faux fur does not need such careful maintenance and storage conditions, which is an important advantage for me and, I am sure, millions of women.

Variety of fur coat colors and prints

I am just in awe of the modern technologies for making faux fur products. Today it is not at all necessary to have a natural-colored fur coat, well, or a little tinted. Thanks to the capabilities of a modern manufactory, we can choose among bright reds, blues, or absolutely any colors! Dull to acidic. But the most interesting thing is that now you can even choose prints!

Various stripes, patterns, or, for example, what is a leopard print worth? Or maybe you prefer tiger stripes? The most important thing is the presence of such a choice. Now a faux fur coat is an affordable piece of clothing that can be matched to any look. From elegant business to casual and party wear.

Jerry Faux Fur CoatBuona Faux Fur JacketCurly Faux Fur JacketTiger Faux Fur Jacket

Texture and cut

Another indisputable advantage of artificial fur coats is the wide variety of shapes, lengths, and textures of fur. Yes, yes, this is perhaps the most important achievement, because you can feel the incredible softness and silkiness of mink or fox fur just by running your hand over the artificial fur.

And what a wow effect these incredible cuts have! Ultra-short fur coats, long with deep cutouts at the edges, with an abundance of pockets or rivets. That is, the possibilities to create a unique product are now limited only by the designer's imagination. And for us, consumers, this is an excellent chance to get a beautiful product for every taste!

Faux Fur JacketFaux Fur Notch Collar CoatFaux Fur Leopard Puff CoatNotch Collar Faux Fur Coat

Ok, what about convenience?

If we talk about the convenience of wearing and storage, then faux fur coats have no equal here. They are incredibly easy to dry, for storage you do not need to create additional special conditions, but they warm and look no worse than their natural "relatives."

Leopard Faux Fur Moto JacketFaux Fur Water Resistant JacketIce Breaker Faux Fur Ombre Print JacketLynx Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

The most delicious is the price

Anyone who has ever been interested in buying a natural fur coat knows how much it costs. It is not surprising, because the production of such a product requires a lot of stages. And the worst thing is the killing of animals!

Faux fur, on the other hand, is very easy to manufacture and this of course affects the price. Today, a fine fur jacket can be purchased for as low as $ 50.

Faux Fur CoatFaux Fur Zip JacketCollection Collarless Reversible Faux Fur JacketFunnel Neck Faux Fur Jacket

I do my best to attract you to buy an artificial fur coat instead of a natural one. If you are not convinced by my arguments about the high quality of faux fur, comfort, and price, then I invite you to write me about it in the comments.

It was incredibly difficult to fit such a variety of these incredible fur coats into one article. After all, each of them is wonderful in its own way, and I am sure it will perfectly match the rest of your outfit. I wish you to be warm and safe this winter. Happy Holidays!

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