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Christmas and New Year gifts for our beloved pets

Despite the fact that Christmas and New Year are "human" holidays, we would not like to forget about our little beloved pets. Yes, the winter holidays are the great time to buy something new and cute to please not only yourself but also the ones who stay with us all this time. It doesn't matter if you have a cat or a dog, a guinea pig or even a spider, during the Christmas holidays everyone deserves a little attention to become a little happier.

The topic of accessories and clothing for pets is very extensive, so today I decided to focus only on dogs. For now! And if such idea comes up, I will definitely compile a selection of similar gifts for cats, birds and other pets.

Especially for this collection, I decided to focus on four main sections: collars, various clothes, ordinary and heated bags and beds. Of course, this is not the whole list, and today almost anything can be purchased for our beloved dogs, from jewelry and clothing to entire homes and electronic devices. Here I tried to collect exactly those accessories that every dog owner should have, if you love your pet of course ...


I hardly imagine a dog on a walk without a collar and, of course, this is the number one accessory on my list. Here, the fashion industry does not stand still, and every year new variants of dog collars appear:

A glamorous gem collar is probably the most obvious gift for a dog that comes to mind. And there is plenty to choose from: a variety of collars studded with stones, with pendants, like a pearl necklace, etc.

When choosing a precious collar for your dog, it is worth remembering that the pet does not know its real value and may not appreciate an expensive gift. So do not be upset if such an accessory is damaged or lost some day. To avoid such incidents, it is better to choose something from bijouterie, here I have picked up some great options for you.

Bling! Bling! with this paw pendant!
Bling! Bling! with this paw pendant!
Pendant Collars

If giving your pet jewelry is too much for you, there is a great alternative - classic leather collars with decorations. Such an accessory will not only become a beautiful addition to your pet's outfit, but will also serve its intended purpose. And don't be so skeptical, these collars can be really pretty! Just take a look at the selection below.

Give fido the very best with this trendy accessory
Give fido the very best with this trendy accessory
Luxury leather collars

But what if you're looking for more than just a common collar, but a piece of pet outfit? Such an accessory should complement and sparkle on the background at the same time. This can really be a daunting task, so I made all hard work for you, I've collected the most interesting options to make your choice easier.

Soft, plush, and elegant. Stroll the streets with this cute and adorable look for your fur baby!
Soft, plush, and elegant. Stroll the streets with this cute and adorable look for your fur baby!
Luxury Plush Collar

Warm clothes

No loving owner will leave his pet without warm clothes in cold winter. And these Christmas holidays are the great reason to choose something new, bright and comfortable for your beloved dog. Even if your pet has a lot of clothes, an extra vest or hoodie will never be superfluous.

It's great that there are plenty to choose from, bright vests with stars in various colors or a glamorous vest with leopard print for dog owners who follow the latest fashion trends.

When buying a warm vest, do not forget that your pet's paws should also be safe. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right footwear. Make sure that these shoes are durable, flexible, breathable and waterproof. And the lower outsole features rubberized micro-lugs for good traction, protection from snow, icing, hiking or hot asphalt.

A star is born with this comfy and warm vest!
A star is born with this comfy and warm vest!
Star Dog Vests

Nevertheless, you do not spend all the time outside with your dog,  and perhaps your pet is freezing even indoors. Then make sure that your puppy is comfortable even when it's cool. Soft and cozy hoodies are perfect for keep warm and look amazing at the same time.

Want to look cute, but keep your fur baby warm? Slip on a hoodie so that you can strut the streets feeling cozy and hip.
Want to look cute, but keep your fur baby warm? Slip on a hoodie so that you can strut the streets feeling cozy and hip.
Soft cotton hoodies

Are you going to the mountains for a winter vacation and taking your pet with you? Prepare for extreme temperatures carefully, take warm clothes for yourself and your baby in order to get the most out of walks along the snow-covered streets and sledding from the mountain.

Bright shiny puffy vests will perfectly keep warm, will not restrict movement and will clearly distinguish your pet.

Keep your puppy looking stylish in this piece
Keep your puppy looking stylish in this piece
Puffy Vests

Carrier bags

So, what about carrier bags? Small dogs do not tolerate long walks, they often ask for hands and we, of course, gladly take them. But what if this is not possible? Here a wonderful accessory comes to the rescue - a carrier bag!

Today you can find a carrier bag for dogs of almost any size and degree of convenience, from transparent roomy to high-technology bags with heating and a foldable awning, making them ideal for travel.

Carry your pup with confidence!
Carry your pup with confidence!
Carrier Bag

I would also like to highlight the Mobile Dog Gear bag with organized luggage makes it easy to travel with the dog. A package like this is perfect for packing your pet's belongings for a whole week or longer! Ideal for small dogs as well as long trips and vacations; keep items such as toys, water, food, leash, harness, blanket, garbage bags, and other essentials.

Often these dog luggage has a ton of useful features: a large main compartment, a food divider, an adjustable padded shoulder strap, and several mesh side pockets. In addition, this travel bag is designed to meet most airline carry-on requirements and has a luggage compartment that fits over a handle to lift the suitcase and a luggage tag for identification.

Expertly designed bag will have your pet traveling in style!
Expertly designed bag will have your pet traveling in style!
Mobile Dog Gear

Dog Beds

Ok, we took care of the collar, clothes and bag for the dog, now it remains to talk about the place to sleep. I am sure that every dog owner wants his pet to sleep in a warm and comfortable place. However, it can be difficult to choose the right bed for our little friend. So here I have prepared a few different options of soft and incredibly comfortable beds for small dogs.

Carefully choose the color and size of the crib so your furry friend will make it the favourite area. Such a soft shelter will become a real favorite place for every pet, not only for sleeping but also for playing during the day.

Make sure your pet is super comfortable during nap and bedtime
Make sure your pet is super comfortable during nap and bedtime
Luxury Dog Bed

Well, if you want to really please your four-legged friend and make him a truly royal gift, then you should take a closer look at the individual made sofas created especially for demanding dogs. With soft and fur-like materials, such bed will not only serve as a favorite sleeping place for your pet, but also become a stylish addition to the interior.

By the way, if you are looking for a gift your friend's dog - consider this convenient option, because here it is almost impossible to make a mistake with either color or size.

It's time for man's best friend to sleep in style
It's time for man's best friend to sleep in style
Premium Dog Bed

About twenty years ago, a dog with jewellery looked funny, now pet owners compete with each other in the sophistication and uniqueness of the look of each pet. Their wardrobe includes all kinds of fashionable clothes from famous designers and brands for every season, from hats to shoes and various accessories. Their daily routine included visits to a hairdresser, beautician, stylist and psychologist. And food for pets is no longer inferior in its variety to food for humans.

This is a huge industry and I cannot ignore it. So I wonder what do you think about such a variety of products for our pets? Also, are you going to please him or her with some cute present for Christmas and New Years?


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