Best women's jeans to wear this summer

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The most stylish women's denim. All trendy cuts and styles 2021

You may like different fashion trends and styles but there is a piece of clothing that can be found in every woman's wardrobe.

And this is jeans, of course. Ripped and distressed, moms and boyfriends, cuffed and cut, there are millions of styles and colors. Each to satisfy every woman's desire.

Meanwhile, modern fashion trends offer a new style or new color combination every season. And you have to keep your finger on the pulse if you want to follow all the latest changes.

Today we have some solid trends that have stayed at the top for a couple of seasons. But some accents are slightly changing from season to season.

And there are some temporary examples:

Despite the huge variety, we advise you to have a pair of each style to not restrain yourself from combining different cuts and colors.

Here we have collected the most stylish and fashionable jeans that will definitely be on top of trends for the coming seasons.

Blue ripped and distressed jeans

Regardless of which look you choose, blue jeans will suit it. This is not a strict rule, but in current trends, you can wear blue jeans absolutely in any case. Whether it is business, daily life, vacation, or even at home.

And ripped jeans have become classics. More and more women choose ripped and distressed jeans for their casual outfits.

Mia Light Wash Distressed Skinny JeansPresley '90s Roller Medium Wash Distressed JeansPresley '90s Roller Light Wash Denim High-Rise Distressed JeansClara Light Wash Distressed High Rise Skinny Jeans

At the same time, you are not limited in the choice of cut for your jeans. The most popular cuts today are slims and skinny jeans.

Jude Light Blue Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Ankle JeansNew Horizons Medium Wash High-Rise Raw Hem Skinny JeansClara Medium Blue High-Waisted Distressed Skinny JeansClara Dark Wash High Rise Distressed Cropped Skinny Jeans

However, don't forget about the boyfriend or mom jeans that hit the season from time to time. Especially, if you choose boot-cut or cuffed style.

You're Lookin' Good Light Wash Distressed High Rise Dad JeansRibcage Light Wash Straight Leg Ankle JeansMaggie Light Blue Mid-Rise Distressed JeansPresley '90s Roller Medium Blue High-Rise Distressed Jeans

Black denim is still in vogue

Despite the variety of shades, blue denim would be monotonous and boring. Thanks to fashion trends, we can wear black jeans in exactly the same cases.

And, in my opinion, black is more versatile and convenient when combining a new look than blue. And, of course, here we also have ripped and distressed options.

Practice Makes Perfect Black High-Waisted Skinny JeansSabrina Washed Black High Rise Distressed Super Skinny JeansNew Horizons Washed Black High-Rise Raw Hem Skinny JeansAline Black Coated High Rise Denim Skinny Jeans

It doesn't matter if you love white denim or not, it takes back its place in the wardrobes of modern fashionistas.

Yes, we know that white is less durable and requires more care, but it is a beautiful color and deserves to be on your list of this season's outfits.

90s Mid Rise White Denim Loose Fit Distressed JeansKendall White Ultra High Rise Cropped Skinny JeansRiley White Distressed High Rise Straight Cropped JeansAmelia White Distressed Denim High Rise Skinny Jeans

Due to the dominance of bootcut and cuffed jeans, the classic length faded into the background. It must be said that such cuts do not always suit your outfit beautifully, especially if you choose a business or elegant casual style.

On the contrary, in casual and vacation outfits it is difficult to find other options.

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