Tips To Create A Monsoon-Proof Hairstyle

It is necessary to take a stand to combat hair worries on a rainy day

Though the monsoon rains bring bounty to nature, they play havoc with your hair. Frizz, flatness, tangles, etc., become more and more challenging to manage. All this wreaks one’s mood and can put a dampener on everything else.

It is necessary to take a stand to combat hair worries on a rainy day. We spoke to the experts to get to the root of the problem. They gave us the following tips to create a monsoon-proof hairstyle.


The best way to combat rain-dampened hair is to add volume. To add volume, you have to start with the roots of your hair. Use a hairdryer with a nozzle. Begin at the parting and dry the roots in the opposite direction to which the hair falls naturally.

Choose your brush carefully when brushing. For example, a paddle brush minimizes volume, whereas a round brush adds volume. You can also consider using dry shampoo. It infuses life to any look. You have many products to choose from. Don’t forget to keep a small container in your handbag. If your hair is short, use a curling iron for short hair to increase the volume.

The importance of proper prepping

A good prep will go a long way to help combat hair worries on a rainy day. Buy the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If you think the weather is going to be bad, use a heat-activated blow-dry lotion. This will allow you to quickly restyle your hair without using any other product later in the day.

Comb and not brush

When your hair becomes wet in the rain, it is prone to damage. Suppose you pull at it with a brush while in a hurry, it can get damaged. Gently towel dry your hair first. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle any tangles. If your hair is particularly prone to matting, it can get worse during the rainy season. Use a quality pre-shampoo treatment to keep the tangles to a minimum.

Moisturize the frizz away

Frizzy hair is what many face during rains. It is the result of heat damage and over-drying. And for those with naturally curly hair, it can get a lot worse. One of the best ways to prevent frizz is by moisturizing. Use a moisturizer that is enriched with oils and silicones. This will lock the moisture in your tresses.

Don’t delay blow drying

The best time to blow dry your hair is just after shampooing. The hair starts to form temporary bonds after it is wet. That is also the best time for you to begin to form them into the shape you desire. You can use pre-shampoo treatments to make your blow-dried hair retain shape for a longer time.

Start preparing the previous night

If you anticipate rains the next day, it makes perfect sense to start preparing early. Use a hair masque overnight and twist your hair into a loose bun as you go to bed. When you wake up the following day, you’ll have frizz-free hair with plenty of shine and body.

Don’t put off the regular shampooing and trimming

Damp hair in the rainy season is a hotbed for germs. The body heat, dampness, dirt, and dead skin cell accumulation are ideal conditions for germs to proliferate. Itchy scalp is one of the main reasons for bad hair. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your scalp as clean as possible. Regular shampooing and combing will keep your scalp clean.

A regular trimming schedule is key for your hair to maintain its shape. It also takes of split ends. You can also try out monsoon-friendly hairstyles such as the high bun, side ponytail, messy twist, or braided crown after trimming your hair during the rainy season.

To wind off

As you can see, it is not impossible to maintain a chic hairstyle during the rainy season. Apart from the tips given above, some time-honored practices also go a long way to help keep your hair looking great. You need to keep yourself rehydrated in the monsoon. A dehydrated body will have frizzy and dry hair.

Pay attention to what you eat. Too much fried and salty foods are bad for your hair. A diet consisting of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in season along with oily fish is best for your skin and hair. Along with a good diet plan, exercise regularly. It will get the blood flowing to the roots of your hair to nourish them. Lastly, ensure you have at least 8 hours of quality sleep.

Good food, exercise, proper sleep, and an informed haircare regimen will do a lot of good for your hair and body. You can kiss the bad hair days away for good and commute to your work with confidence, rain or shine.


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