Silk clothing for women is timeless perfection

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Undoubtedly, silk is an indispensable part of every fashionista's wardrobe

Step down from the exclusivity of silk clothes, but take a closer look at the current women’s fashion trends - silk clothes is becoming more and more popular. And not in the sense of luxurious style or sophisticated home-wear, but in the sense of comfortable and beautiful everyday clothes.

Why you should have silk clothes in your wardrobe?

Would you add some new trends to your everyday wear? Would you try something exceptional that will drastically change your look? The answer is - yes!

Today, silk clothes, and here I mean the organic silk of course, are part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. It’s perfect for any place and for any occasion.

Can you wear silk clothes everyday?

That’s why this article is here - to show the way how you can wear silk every day.

Going to the office? Out for a dinner with friends or beloved one? Gettin your personal time at home? Silk clothes are perfect for any daily routine. It is comfortable, looks spectacular, and goes well with any other outfit!

How to wear silk clothes casually?

Just think of it like any other outfit, choose what you like the most, mix and match different types of clothes, colors - imagination is the key to create your perfect style.

One point before we move on - every outfit has its unpleasant rules, and here they are:

What is better to combine silk clothes?

It is incredible but silk clothes pair perfectly with almost any type of clothing, and you don't have to worry about it too much. However, what if you want to know the best combinations?

And I have some:

Classic silk pajamas

Let me start with a pure classic - women's silk sleepwear. It is the most popular part of women's wardrobe, and I'm sure it is one of the must-haves for every elegant woman.

Of course, there are a lot of variants - two pieces, nightgowns, chemises and robes. Everything is perfect as an elegant nightwear, but today I want to go back to the classic combination - shirt and trousers.

Button Down Two Piece Set 'Tyche' in Color Magic NightWide Leg Silk Pajama Set 'Leto' in Rich GreenSilk Lounge Set with Palazzo Pants 'Leto' in Milk WhiteButton Down Noble Purple Silk Pajama Set 'Tyche'

Graceful silk dresses

And now let's move on to the more exciting part - choosing an elegant silk dress for every day. This dress is perfect for almost any place and occasion.

But which one to choose? There are many different cuts and colors and they are all incredibly beautiful, but let me focus on the mini and maxi as I believe that by choosing one you will never miss a trend.

Cowl Back Silk Dress 'Patricia' in Milk WhiteOpen Back Silk Dress 'Patricia' in Color Magic NightLong Silk Flare Dress 'Aphrodite' in Rich GreenLong Silk Flare Dress 'Aphrodite' in Milk White

Playful silk shorts

No piece of clothing looks as playful and sexy as shorts. Silk shorts pair magically with almost any top and footwear.

No matter what you prefer - strapped sandals or leather knee-high boots, a crop top or a bomber jacket, silk shorts are the perfect choice. Be creative - mix styles!

Silk Sleep Set 'Diana' in Rich GreenSilk Shorts 'Persephone' in Noble PurpleSilk Shorts 'Persephone' in Romantic Floral PrintSilk Top and Shorts Set 'Persephone' in Rich Green

Graceful silk shirts

Of course, if you want to wear all silk, no one can stop you! And there are many options for how to do this while remaining elegant and beautiful.

Just pair a silk shirt with ripped denim shorts, a tailored pencil skirt, or even long, loose-fitting trousers, each combination will transform your outfit into a sophisticated look.

Rich Green Silk Button Down Shirt 'Fortune Tyche'Noble Purple Button Down Shirt 'Fortune Tyche'

Romantic silk kimono of seductive silk shirt dress?

This review would be incomplete if I did not mention the main advantage of silk clothing - the ability to turn any look into an incredibly sexy one.

Creating a romantic evening - light candles, open a bottle of wine, and the last thing left is a gorgeous silk kimono or shirt dress to make your intimate time unforgettable.

Silk Kimono Robe 'Meteya' in Romantic Floral PrintRich Green Silk Shirt Dress 'Felicia'

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