Stylish men's casual outfits for fall-winter and how to dress them

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Complete review of the most fashionable men's looks for cold weather

The closer the next season, the more actively you start choosing clothes for your new trendy fall look. Last time, I provided a useful guide on how to find your personal look for cold weather. Plus, if you follow fashion trends, you should check our new article about the fast-growing casual business trend is going to be incredibly popular this fall. However, today I want to take a closer look at stylish casual men’s looks from popular Instagram influencers.

Instagram, as you know, is one of the most popular social networks, where many stylish men post their most successful looks. Not every one of them has a good taste, but the ones I have selected for this article are some of the most famous and popular with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Therefore, following their stylish solutions and inspired by their example, you can be sure that you will look stunning this fall.

Let's go through each image separately:
  1. How to wear pea coat with jeans
  2. Grey wool pea coat with various options
  3. Classy chino coat in casual style
  4. Dapper business casual outfit
  5. Dress like a Scandinavian
  6. Trendy houndstooth wool overcoat
  7. Casual street style
  8. Elegant business-casual winter outfit
  9. How to dress for the evening
  10. Dapper winter look
  11. Stylish outfit for a date
  12. Comfortable everyday wear
  13. When looking to dress a little formal
  14. Outfit for a great walk with a friend
  15. When you going on a trip

How to wear pea coat with jeans

The latest fashion trends allow you to be a little casual in any situation. So putting on a pea coat over an untucked shirt with jeans and keds looks great. As you can see, you don't have to be formal or elegant to look stylish.

Wool Overcoat Skinny Jeans

Grey wool pea coat with various options

Continuing the previous look, you are free to combine all sorts of options to find your own unique style. Here, a denim jacket over a vest and shirt does not seem superfluous. Especially if you also wear a pea coat. Black jeans and boots are perfect for the bottom.

Wool Blend Overcoat Chelsea Boots

Classy chino coat in casual style

When you looking for an ordinary style, it is better to take a chino pea coat with ripped jeans and beige boots. Easy and comfortable outfit for everyday wear will allow you to stay in trend without making any efforts.

Cashmere Overcoat Chelsea Boots

Dapper business casual outfit

Sometimes, you want to feel on the top of trends and the high-fashion brands are perfect for that. A beige peacoat over a regular white T-shirt, with black jeans and boots looks incredibly stylish. You just have to add a duffel bag from Louis Vuitton to make your look awesome.

15 best stylish men's looks for fall. Following the fashion trends of the season
Wool Blend Topcoat Chelsea Boots

Dress like a Scandinavian

Scandinavians are some of the most well-dressed people in the world, and each look seemed to be created with no effort at all. Since they live in cold countries, they are perfect understand the cold weather clothes. So if you like Nordic style, add a Scandinavian sweater to your usual fall-winter outfit. Dark jeans and boots are also needed, of course.

15 best stylish men's looks for fall. Following the fashion trends of the season
Wool Topcoat Slim Straight Jeans

Trendy houndstooth wool overcoat

Why choose between different colors of coats while you can take a beautiful houndtooth overcoat. This is a great option for those who value individuality. A black T-shirt, jeans and boots will be the perfect backdrop for such a coat. Oh, and wear a hat if it's cold enough.

15 best stylish men's looks for fall. Following the fashion trends of the season
Skinny Fit Jeans Chelsea Boots

Casual street style

Most men love streetwear and here's you'll see the perfect balance between an olive coat, a gray sweater and dark blue ripped jeans. Such a really deep palette for the fall - winter season. Tall black boots perfectly complement the outfit.

15 best stylish men's looks for fall. Following the fashion trends of the season
Wool Sweater Chukka Boots

Elegant business-casual winter outfit

When you want to dress more formally and look great in a business meeting, you should choose a strict style. A dark gray polo shirt with the same color pants would be the perfect choice. Also a light coat and Chelsea boots will complete your formal look.

Cotton Polo Chelsea Boots

How to dress for the evening

Of course, after a hard day, you need to relax sometimes. There is no place for complex outfits with a lot of clothes. Convenience comes first. The basis is a white T-shirt, blue ripped jeans and black boots. A beige pea coat will be a perfect addition and can be removed at any time.

Wool Blend Topcoat Ripped Skinny Jeans

Dapper winter look

If you want to show your exquisite taste and impress everyone with your perfect outfit, you need a little effort to dress smartly. The recipe is simple though. To create a men's dapper look, you'll need a white shirt, a gray blazer and a classic blue jeans. Chukka buts on the feet and a ocher pea coat will add the necessary contrast.

Cashmere Overcoat Chukka Boots

Stylish outfit for a date

When going on a date you want to make the best impression and your outfit should be flawless. Black golf, jeans and chelsea boots will create a necessary base and the ocher coat looks great over it. Such an outfit not only demonstrates your refined taste but also shows the honesty of your intentions.

Turtleneck Sweater Chelsea Boots

Comfortable everyday wear

Another great example of an outfit for trendy casual style. Simplicity is the most important factor here. Just a few pieces: an oversized white t-shirt, black jeans and brown chelsea boots are a must-have for every day. Add an olive coat if the weather is cold and your look is ready.

Classic Fit T-Shirt Chelsea Boots

When looking to dress a little formal

Strict formal outfits are already out of fashion. However, if you have a classic views and want to look elegant, you will like this outfit. Plain white shirt, tie and a classic black business suit are always perfect choice, it remains only to add the same strict coat. You can trust Federico Balzaretti.

Cashmere Overcoat Duffle Bag

Outfit for a great walk with a friend

You don't need to bother with choosing an outfit for a great walk with friends. But here, it is better to take care of comfort. A sweater, jeans, and sneakers will do just fine. Take a look, a black pea coat looks awesome with white sneakers.

Cashmere Sweater Sneakers

When you going on a trip

When traveling in the cold season, you need to remember about comfort first. Clothes and shoes should be handy. A gray gradient coat, black sweater, jeans and boots are the best choice for the trip. And of course the Duffel bag completes the look.

Skinny Fit Jeans Chelsea Boots

I hope I've touched on all the possible occasions for casual men’s looks for this fall-winter season. Of course, each outfit can be changed at your discretion and these options are only for your inspiration. I suggest you experiment with creating the perfect outfit for yourself.

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