12 best ways to wear jeans this fall

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How to wear jeans to make your autumn look awesome

As fast as autumn is approaching, I hasten to share with you the latest fall fashion trends. Especially with stylish casual outfits with jeans. Today I focused on 12 stunning autumn looks for women, featuring ripped knee jeans, shortened boyfriends, classic skinny fit and slim fit jeans. It's hard to say which look I liked the most, it would be best to hear your opinion.

For those who are wondering why ripped jeans are still in vogue, I can say that I am at a loss. This trend has arisen a years ago and still many fashionistas every season purchase several pairs of ripped jeans for their wardrobe. However, I will not say that I do not like this trend, these jeans look amazing and will suit almost any outfit. Looking at the outfits of popular Instagram bloggers, I see that ripped jeans and boyfriends are still the hit of the season.

Well, let's see what 12 stunning looks for women will blow up this fall season:

And, let’s keep in mind that today I am focusing on blue jeans only, although I also really love black and white ones. Therefore, this is far from a definitive list and I may expand it in the next articles, but for now let's start.

White top with distressed denim joggers

Choosing a new elegant look you don't have to put in a lot of effort. Sometimes it's enough to take a regular white tank top and skinny knee-ripped jeans. Complete the outfit with beige sandals and an envelope handbag. Such look is perfect for both shopping and walking with friends.

Classic casual summer look with white tank top and blue ripped jeans
Classic casual summer look with white tank top and blue ripped jeans
U-Neck TankLe High Skinny Jeans

Oversized pullover with ballon jeans

Ok, what if you want to look ultrafashionable? An oversized black top and cropped boyfriends are perfect choice. When choosing accessories, you should look at the top fashion brands, for example, a Gucci belt and a handbag will perfectly complete your outfit.

Shortsleeve top with ripped boyfriends

Perfect outfit to spend the weekend with friends. A short black top and ripped jeans look great together for a playful mood. Comfy look for long evening walks or cozy time in favorite cafe.

Short top with knee-ripped jeans

For fans of badass looks I picked up a streetwear inspired outfit. A white short tank top and blue knee-ripped boyfriends are perfectly combined. If you don't have streetwear attire in your wardrobe so it's time to get one.

Elegant black top and shortened boyfriends

Who said you can't look elegant in boyfriends? I'm ready to convince you! Awesome outfit featuring a black strap top and blue cuffed boyfriends look simple and very elegant. Sophisticated sandals with heels and a small sub-piece complete the look perfectly. Also, it may be used as great casual attire for the office.

Stylish high low top and skinny jeans

Another casual outfit for women who follow fashion style and trends. This look combines the elegance and sophistication inherent in business women. Stylish white high low top with blue skinny jeans are the perfect way how to emphasize your shapes. All that remains is to add beige heeled sandals and a handy bag.

12 best ways to wear jeans this fall

White crop top with ripped-knee boyfriends

It is great we don’t have to work all the time. When weekend comes around you should change your formal attire to something ease. Let it be a white top with blue knee-ripped boyfriends. Sneakers and a small handbag are welcome.

12 best ways to wear jeans this fall

Chic flowered shirt with shortened balloon jeans

Or maybe you're looking for a way to look a little more chic? Satin shirt with a flower print will be the best solution. Blue balloon cuffed jeans and floppy hat are the best addition to complete your fashionable outfit. Choose this option for a weekend or vacation.

Sexy white top and ripped boyfriends

Can you imagine a sexy look wearing boyfriend jeans? Let me help you with. Just take an ultra-short white top with a deep neckline and even a pair of ripped boyfriends will make you look incredibly hot. White sneakers and a small bag are here to add some playfulness.

Black short top and classic straight jeans

An excellent example how to look awesome without any effort. Black cropped top and cuffed straight jeans are the best combination to create a classic fashion look. Wear a grey squared blazer and grab a small tote bag for as a pretty addition.

Lazy day T-shirt and skinny ripped jeans

Out for a couple of minutes? Black oversized lazy day T-shirt with a blue skinny ripped jeans is what you need to impress the shopkeeper. Although such an outfit is suitable for a long cozy evenings too.

12 best ways to wear jeans this fall

White shirt with skinny fit jeans

An iconic outfit from the perfect woman in all senses Miranda Kerr. Classic white shirt on top and a skinny fit jeans for the bottom are the best choice for a flowless fashion look. Combined with the perfect hairstyle, makeup and body, Miranda is as always a fashion icon.

I tried to take all the options for how to wear jeans this fall season. But if you have already decided on jeans and have not yet chosen shorts, I recommend you my article on how to look attractive in new shorts.


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