9 January 2019

Men's urban fashion trends. Best street styles

by El-style
As we enter into a New Year and a new season, new fashion presents itself. Fashion Weeks are in full force around the globe and the best way to keep up with trends is by looking at the wild fashions on the streets. Here are some of the best street styles.
You need to be confident in yourself. If you wear something with self-doubt and you feel uncomfortable in it, you will project that feeling to your mates, passers by and that girl you’ve had your eye on in the gym the past few months. You could be wearing the most up-to-date and prestigious clothing known to man but if you wear it with an air of awkwardness, you won’t pull it off. Similarly, you don’t have to spend hundreds to make something look good, just wear it with confidence and you’ll have a much better shot of pulling it off.
More often than not, either an accessory or element of your dressing can lift the outfit from being neutral to being distinctive. This can be anything from a colourful pair of socks to a bracelet to an interesting belt.
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