7 pieces of clothing you must have for the coming spring-summer season

by El-style

Finish your wardrobe by following our tips to get a unique look

It is very important for every woman who wants to look good to follow the current fashion trends and upgrade her wardrobe every season. In this article I have collected 7 important tips for you to create a stylish and elegant look. Following these advices, you can prepare yourself for the coming of spring-summer season.

First focus

To begin, consider such an important characteristic as the color palette. In the coming season light beige colors will prevail. Also, do not forget about the classic white diluted with bright contrasting accents. For example, classic black will be perfect option. This advice applies to all clothing pieces, from hats, gloves and various accessories to jackets.

Elegant look in black and white classic colors for spring-summer season
Quick look on 50th tender beige elegant outfit for elegant woman for spring-summer season
Modern and stylish look for spring-summer season
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Hint number 2

You probably noticed that now elegant trouser suits are rapidly gaining popularity. Modern trends establish free and sexy fit. You could see that in such details such as a deep V-neck, tight-fitting trousers and light colors. Today, a modern women's suit will be relevant as for a business image as well as for going to a restaurant or to parties.

Blue classic elegant women's suit. Business outfit for spring-summer season
White elegant classic women's suit. Business outfit for spring-summer season
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The third clue

To create a fashionable look for the spring-summer season, you should definitely buy a long light dress or skirt. The best choice would be flowing fabric, for example silk, chiffon or satin, translucent materials are also very popular now. It is good taste to combine such a dress or skirt with high-heeled shoes.

Casual transparent dress for stylish and modern fashionistas for spring-summer season
Light beige long skirt for spring-summer season
Light silk flying dress for spring-summer season
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In the fourth

Do not forget that spring can be cold, so the coat is another one must-have option for the coming season. When choosing a coat, pay attention to the straight cut and light beige shades. Such coat is convenient to combine with any pieces of clothing, whether it be a dress or a trouser suit. Or, on the contrary, if you want to stand out, look towards bright red color, it never goes out of trend.

Stylish look for elegant and modern fashionista for spring-summer season
Red coat is a great combination with red lipstick to create bold look for spring-summer season
Stylish and strict coat is the perfect clothing for spring-summer season
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The fifth detail

Women's handbag is one of the most important accessories. This year's trends include large handbags of beige shades with neat patterns. If you think that your outfit has too much beige, then pay attention to contrasting colors, for example white or black.

Big beige handbag the trend of the season for spring-summer
Christian Dior elegant handbag for women for spring-summer season
Stylish beige handbag for elegant style for spring-summer season
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Sixth tip

Women's hat today is again gaining popularity as one of the most important accessories. And I agree, because with a hat you can make almost any outfit elegant.

Hats in the wardrobe of a real fashionista must be no less than handbags. Today, especially popular are cowboy and bowler hats a la 50th. Still looking at warm beige tones or moderate contrasting colours, like red or black.

Bright and light long orange dress to create modern cowgirl style
Style of 70th. Yellow coat and blue dress in dotted pattern for spring-summer season
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Seventh and final advice

A necessary detail of any look is accessories. Today it is ok to have massive accessories, and the more the better. Now you can wear several bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings at once. Or vice versa, the minimum necessary accessory, for example, a thin chain with a pendant to emphasize your elegant taste.

Solid Accessories for stylish evening look for spring-summer season
Light and elegant accessories for young fashionistas to stay in trends for spring-summer season
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Of course, you can add a few more details to this list, but I have gathered here the most important in my opinion. If I suddenly missed something, write me about it in comments, it will be a pleasure to read. And if I get a lot of useful tips, I will definitely write another article on this topic.


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