24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Compilation of incredibly beautiful and fluffy fur coats for women

Winter is in full swing and quite cold sometimes. On such days I always want to keep warm and dream of a cup of hot flavored cocoa wrapped in a warm blanket near the fireplace. Yes, it's just wonderful to have a delicious drink at home in comfort while it's snowing and cold outside.

But winter is a mesmerizing time of the year, white fluffy and snow envelops houses, roads and trees. This makes me want to go for a walk on the white fluffy carpet despite the cold. To pick up in the palms these sparkling snowflakes and toss it up, watching them whirl and slowly descent to the ground. Magic!

Of course, even on the walk, we all want to feel warmth and coziness even in extreme cold. Every woman knows that nothing will warm you better than a fluffy fur coat. It is so nice to wrap yourself up in such fluffy cloud, feel the gentle touch of fur on the cheeks and enjoy a cold winter day in comfort. 

And, of course, every woman will say that for winter there is nothing more beautiful than a fur coat. It doesn't matter whether it is short or long, with a large collar or with a hood, a fur coat is the cherished dream of a real fashionista. Most of all I am pleased that now faux fur coats are no worse than natural ones. Moreover, modern fashionable technologies have made it possible to make artificial fur more durable and does not require special care. And how happy are those who are against the killing of animals!

A fur coat is a luxury item for a real fashionista that she wears for special occasions, complementing the look with a branded handbag and expensive boots. Choosing an outfit carefully to look amazing despite the cold. So today, I will show you 24 wonderful faux fur coats, among which every woman can choose the perfect option for herself.

Luxurious long fur cape

This amazingly beautiful sleeveless fur cape is just what you need to meet the cold winter. Wearing such a cape you always look stylish and enjoy a walk in comfort. A small black Dior handbag is the perfect addition to complement the outfit.

Fuchsia short fluffy fur coat

What do you say about shopping in winter? Especially if you have to be outside from time to time. It may be uncomfortable if you have not wear a short fluffy fur coat. Incredibly convenient, even if you have to carry a lot of shopping bags.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Stunning white knit coat

An incredible white knit coat with a chic fluffy white collar, what could be better if you want to impress your man. Such length will perfectly highlight your elegance and style. Just complete the look with a white cap and a small handbag and you are ready to conquer.

Brown fur coat for a casual look

Never before has a casual look been so sophisticated. This is a great example of how you can wear a haute couture outfit for any occasion. A wonderful brown fur coat goes well with a black hoodie and latex leggings. Just grab your favorite Balenciaga handbag and you are irresistible.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

When the big fluffy collar matters

Perhaps you dream of a big fluffy white collar and having a fur coat is not so important? Of course, especially for such an unusual desire, I have prepared just an excellent option. A juicy bright red warm jacket is just what you need to meet the snowy winter and a warm collar will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. However, I will return to the topic of fluffy collars more than once.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Sumptuous fur cape

As in the first paragraph, I cannot calmly pass by such a beautiful piece of clothing as a fur cape. This luxurious fur, falling like waves to the bottom, and a chic collar are simply designed to warm fashionistas in the cold winter. Plus, the lack of sleeves is a great option to pair with a sweater or blouse.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Knitted coat with fur collar

What can I offer you for a warm winter? Hmm, uncountable number of options! For example, this delightful soft pink knitted coat with a fur collar. Obviously, such a coat will not warm you, but how great it looks with this pink set of skirt and top. You should definitely try this combination.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Short gray fur coat to knock’em dead

Here we gradually approach the classic versions of the coat for those who appreciate high fashion at any time of the year. There is nothing better than a short fluffy fur coat combined with a short skirt and over the knee boots. Such an outfit will be successful always, anywhere and anytime.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Elegant white fur coat

It is always worth striving for style and sophistication even in casual wear. In this case, a classic white fur coat would be an excellent choice. It will suit almost everyone, especially if you complement the look with a white hat and small handbag.

Exquisite dark fur coat

A good option for those who prefer dark colors instead of light ones. Or maybe you have just such a mood this winter? I do not blame you, because I am also tired of all these restrictions. Nevertheless, such a dark gray fur coat is an almost universal piece of clothing, since the possibilities for combinations are endless here. A lovely cream scarf from Louis Vuitton and a pink handbag only prove that!

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

White fur coat to wrap up

The white color of a fur coat is associated with a snowy winter, and that’s why a white fur coat is just a must-have for every woman. Of course, it must be fluffy to wrap up, to keep warm even in severe frost. You can hardly find a better option than this short fur coat for this cold season.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Elegant black fur jacket

The article would not be complete without mentioning fur jackets. And of course I have prepared some great options for a wide review. This piece of clothing seems to be specially created to satisfy the most sophisticated needs. Now you know exactly what to wear when you are looking for the perfect warm top for your exquisite outfit.

Perfect white fur

A slightly longer but no less sophisticated option, ideal for both a chic look that will amaze everyone, and for a daily outfit to feel comfortable all the time. It seems that wearing such an elegant fur coat does not need to add anything, but a white decorated cap will perfectly complement the look.

Ginger short fur jacket

In an effort to show everyone your perfect curves, choose the right clothes. This short fur jacket will only cover the top and at the same time provide excellent warmth. Put on tight leggings and over-the-knee boots to show that you didn't go to the gym for nothing. Perfect choice for athletic women.

My kingdom for a collar

As I promised, back to the topic of the unmatched beautiful fluffy collars. If you still don't know what to choose, then your search ends here! Here it is your perfect winter jacket with an gorgeous fluffy collar. It is incomparably beautiful and warm feel at the same time. Do not thank!

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Juicy pink hit the top

Not every outfit needs to be presented in white or black, pink is increasingly claiming the right to become a classic. Who said it's impossible? Check out this striking pink fur jacket with vertical waves. Can't look away? Well, I understand you. Well, over the knee boots will perfectly complement almost any look.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

White fluffy jacket as a cape

Do not be confused by the choice of such a fur jacket for winter, you do not spend all your time outside? In the meantime, you always want to look stylish and confident. And here I propose an incredibly simple and sophisticated solution. Such a fluffy jacket is nothing more than just an accessory and certainly not protection from the cold, although of course it's up to you to decide.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Cute white coat with MARPAT print

Do you know what MARPAT is? It is short for Marine pattern - a very popular print for high-end fashion recently. As you can see, fashion trends never disappear without a trace. And here is one of the ideal returns. A warm white coat with a green MARPAT print with a stunning collar is the perfect combination for winter wear.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Green military jacket with collar

And as a continuation of the previous point, take a look at this wonderful green military jacket. Yes, maybe this option is more suitable for late fall or early spring, but I couldn't miss it because of this luxurious collar. Just by looking at it you already want to own it.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Red fur jacket for the daring

Are all the previous points not for you? Do you feel that you have to astonish everyone? No problem! This daring bright red fur jacket is made especially for you! What could be more attractive than you in this fur piece and tight leggings? But this is for the brave, is it you?

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Intense deep blue long fur coat

We continue to paint this gray winter with bright colors. To be different, you should choose something extravagant but I advise not to wear rainbow-colored clothes for this time. A deep blue fur coat will be the best choice to preserve elegance and show individuality. And the length is just perfect to win the eye.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Short pink fluffy piece

What's the best to wear when going to a party? If it's about winter, something bright and light is best. This pink fluffy jacket looks like the perfect complement to your festive outfit. Agree? It's great that the rest of the clothing details can be almost anything. Just look at this stunning combination.

24 Warm and Cozy Faux Fur Coats That You Want This Winter

Gray fur coat as a fluffy accessory

Who said that a fur coat is needed only to warm? This piece of clothing can be a great accessory, especially when you need to create a contrast between delicate lace and a voluminous fluffy faux fur jacket. It may not be a very good choice for daily wear, but for a romantic date it is the most hit.

Brown fur coat for business attire

Well, now we got to the business outfit. Probably, this is not very relevant this season, because restrictions and all that. However, it is fair to consider this option for business women who continue to go to the office. Here, it is important to carefully combine all the details of clothing, starting from a business suit and shoes to a fur coat and accessories.

As in the previous article on the most fashionable fur coats, I tried to carefully suggest the choice of each outfit in combination with other clothing pieces and accessories. Here, I've covered a little more different options for a wide variety of cases. And remember, a winter spent in warmth is a joyful and healthy spring! Stay Healthy!


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